YEL Update 26/05/23

This Update has FOUR important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

FIVE DAYS LEFT to confirm/remove your existing teams for new season!
Colour of kit rules and names on shirts
Outstanding invoices settled by 31st May
No heading pilot extended for a second season – 2023-24 season now covers YEL U7s – U9s

FIVE DAYS LEFT to confirm/remove your existing teams for new season!

A big thank you to the 77% of secretaries who have completed the task in readiness for the roll through at midnight May 31st/June 1st – Over 1,000 teams have confirmed their status. There some big, high profile clubs who are in the 23% that haven’t!

CLUB SECRETARIES: There are just five days left to confirm your existing teams on Scoreline. The process in the YEL is very simple and set out below. All teams names/age groups are current 2022/23 age groups. These automatically age by one year at midnight May 31st/June 1st in readiness for the new 2023/24 season eg YEL Utd U12 Blue will become YEL Utd U13 Blue.

All team headers in the Teams section on Scoreline have been changed to blue. These indicate the teams where no action has been taken yet by the club. Once you have decided on whether a team is continuing or not, follow the instructions below. If the team is continuing – you tick ‘confirm.’ If a team is not continuing – you click ‘remove.’ Once you click ‘save’ the header in the main ‘Teams’ page will change to green for the ‘confirmed and continuing’ and red for those ‘not continuing’. Only teams that are ‘confirmed’ will roll through/age at midnight on May 31st. All others will be removed from the league and any teams wishing to continue after the roll through will need to reapply. No invoices will be raised until June 1st when we know which teams are continuing. Current U14 will need to be ticked as ‘remove’ as they will had come to the end of their YEL experience.

ONLY available to Club Secs/club officials with appropriate permissions to make changes on Scoreline.

  1. Login to YEL Scoreline at
  2. Click on “Clubs/Teams/Contacts” from the left hand main menu

All Teams are displayed on this screen and the top border highlights the intended action for this team for the new season:

  • Blue – Not yet decided;  Green – Renewing for new season;  Red – Removing/not continuing
  1. Click on “Clubs” from the tab menu at the top.

  1. Search for your club (or click ‘My Club’ tab) and select it by clicking on the name or the arrow to the bottom right of the card.
  2. Scroll down the page to the “Team Actions” section:

From here you can choose “Confirm” or “Remove” for each team. You can also take action on multiple teams by clicking the checkbox to the right of the team and choosing the relevant action from the “Action” dropdown menu above the teams.

Once you have done this, click ‘save.’ If you are not sure about a particular team, you can leave it and come back to it at a later time provided it is done by midnight 31st May.

Any issues, email YEL OFFICE –

Colour of kit rules and names on shirts

Reminder to clubs/teams as you look to place new kit orders

KIT COLOUR – FA rule 19 states teams inc goalkeepers CANNOT wear black or very dark colours.

NAMES ON SHIRTS – FA rule 19 states that names of youth players cannot appear on shirts

Please ensure all of your teams are aware of this rule as it is part of our YEL Rules and will be applied. If in doubt, contact the YEL Office for advice –

Outstanding invoices settled by 31st May

CLUB SECRETARIES: Please pass this message on to your treasurers.

As per YEL requirement, all outstanding 2022/23 season invoices must be cleared by 31st May in order for teams to be readmitted into the league for the new season.

No heading pilot extended for a second season – 2023-24 season now covers YEL U7s – U9s

As the largest youth league in the country, the YEL has been asked by the national FA to be involved, once again, in the no heading pilot as it moves into its second year of study.

Whilst The FA were keen to involve all teams from U12 down, we have decided to extend it by just one year to U9s as this year’s U8s (U9s 23/24) will already be used to the pilot as it has been in place for this season. We are keen to support The FA study but equally want to cause the minimum of disruption for players who have already been heading hence restricting it to U7s/U8s & U9s.

Can we remind all clubs and teams that this is MANDATORY. All teams in the age groups involved must apply the no heading guidance/rules. Failure to do so will result in a YEL Discipline referral.

Further details, including any changes in the rules, will be sent out once they have been released by The FA.

Rob Harwood CEO

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