Welcome to the under 10s section of the YEL website. From here you will be able to view the U10s teams. There will also be useful information and key dates to keep track of.


U10s matches are still friendlies. There are two ‘competitive’ mini leagues – during the Winter & Spring seasons – with champions and runners-up trophies. There’s also a 16 team cup competition with different ability based cups so everyone stands a chance of winning ‘The Cup!’


Unlike U7s & U8s where players can play in different teams each week, players in U10s have to be registered to one squad and play in the same team each week.

At this level, EVERY child should be getting equal playing time when the matches are played. This is an FA guideline which every club and team should be putting into practise as this is one of the key ways a child can develop. Have a word with your coach and if this fails speak to your Club Welfare Officer

As from June 2020 The FA have made it mandatory for all U10s to continue to use Size 3 balls. This has been introduced as part of the new heading guidelines.

Neither the YEL nor the National FA has a mandatory policy on the wearing of glasses as this is down to the individual clubs and players/parents. However, the guidance/best advice available is for them to wear specific prescription sportswear glasses. The risk is not just to them getting injured through being hit by a ball but also injuring another player through an accidental clash of heads. Speak to your club for their club policy. Cautionary Note: Any officially appointed referee does have the power to insist on the removal of any item (including day to day glasses) that they feel is a danger to the participants in a game. This is very subjective and will vary from referee to referee as to what they deem to be dangerous.

New guidelines have been sent out by The FA recommending that players are restricted to what they can and can’t do in training depending on their age. Full guidance can be found on The FA website. Heading is still permitted in all matches.

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A.F.C. Vernon Youth U10 Red

Arnold Town Youth U10 Blue

Arnold Town Youth U10 Maroon

Arnold Town Youth U10 Yellow

Asfordby Amateurs LG&I U10

Basford United Community Youth F.C. U10

Bingham Town U10 Blue

Bingham Town U10 Red

Bingham Town U10 White

Bottesford Yellow U10

Breaston Park U10 Black

Breaston Park U10 White

Bulwell Athletic Youth U10 Dynamos

Bulwell Forest Youth U10 Navy

Bulwell Forest Youth U10 Sky

Calverton Miners Welfare Blue U10

Calverton Miners Welfare White U10

Carlton Town Juniors U10 Lions

Clifton All Whites Youth U10 Red

Clifton All Whites Youth U10 White

Collingham Youth U10 Cougars

Collingham Youth U10 Lions

Collingham Youth U10 Panthers (Sat)

Cotgrave F.C. Youth U10 Blue

Cotgrave F.C. Youth U10 Claret

Darley Sports FC U10 Ajax

Dunkirk Colts Youth U10

East Bridgford Juniors U10

Eastwood C Youth U10 Red (Sat)

Eastwood C Youth U10

Edwalton Cavaliers Youth U10 Blue

Edwalton Cavaliers Youth U10 White

Ernehale Colts Youth U10

F.C. Cavaliers Youth U10 Red

Fernwood Foxes Youth U10 Red

G3A Youth U10

Gedling Southbank F.C. Youth U10 Jaguars

Gedling Southbank Youth U10 Lynx

Holy Spirit Celtic Blue U10

Holy Spirit Celtic Red U10

Hucknall Sports Youth u10 Sat Red

Ilkeston Town Juniors U10 Valencia

Long Eaton United U10

Loughborough Emmanuel U10 Blues

Loughborough Emmanuel U10 Lions

Lowdham Colts Youth U10 Black

Lowdham Colts Youth U10 Blue

Market Warsop United U10

Moorgreen Colts Youth U10 White

Muskham Cougars Youth U10

NG United Youth U10

Newark Flowserve U10 Corint

Newark Flowserve U10 Rio

Newark Flowserve U10 Santos

Newark Town Youth U10

Notts County Girls U10 Sat

Phoenix Inham Lightning U10 Sat

Portuguese Football Academy U10

Priory Celtic Youth U10 Green

Priory Celtic Youth U10 Saturday

Quarrydale United Youth F.C. U10 Saturda

R.H.P. Colts Youth U10 Green

Radcliffe Olympic Inters Youth U10 Blue

Radcliffe Olympic Inters Youth U10 Red

Rainworth Juniors F.C. U10

Ravenshead Reds Youth U10 sat

Ripley Town U10

Riverside Junior U10 Rapids

Ruddington Colts Black U10

Ruddington Colts Yellow U10

Sherwood F.C. Youth U10 Green

Sherwood F.C. Youth U10 Red

Sleetmoor United FC U10 Tonadoes

South Normanton Colts U10

Southwell City F.C. Youth U10 Stingrays

Southwell City F.C. Youth U10 Vipers

Stapleford Town F.C. Youth U10 Blue (SAT

Stapleford Town F.C. Youth U10 Red

Stapleford Town F.C. Youth U10 Black (SA

Tuxford Youth U10

WBCY U10 Diavolo’s

WBCY U10 Forza

WBCY U10 Liberos

WBCY U10 Ragazzi

WBCY U10 Stalloni

WBCY U10 Toros

Walesby Juniors U10

Winthorpe & Coddington Tigers Youth U10

Wollaton Hall & Bramcote Youth U10 Olymp

Wollaton Hall & Bramcote Youth U10 Owls

Wollaton Hall & Bramcote Youth U10 Spart

Wollaton Hall & Bramcote Youth U10 Titan

Woodhouse Colts Youth U10 Sat


Aspire U10

Attenborough Colts Youth U10 Blue

Attenborough Colts Youth U10 Yellow

Barrowby Junior F.C. U10 Avengers Black

Beaufort United Youth U10 White

Beeston F.C. Youth U10

Bilborough Town Youth U10 Tigers

Bilborough Town Youth U10 black

Bilborough Town Youth U10

Blidworth Bengals U10

Bulwell Athletic Youth U10

Burton Joyce Junior U10 Greens

Carlton Town Juniors U10 Leopards

Castle Donington U10 Jets

Chesapeake U10 Mohawks

Clifton All Whites F.C. Youth U10 Green

Codnor Boys U10 Real

East Leake Bantams Youth U10 Black

East Leake Bantams Youth U10 Orange

East Leake Bantams Youth U10 White

Eastwood Athletic U10 Warriors

Eastwood C Youth U10 Barca

Gedling Southbank Youth U10 Cougars

Gedling Southbank F.C. Youth U10 Panther

Gedling Southbank Youth U10 Pumas

Hucknall & Linby Harriers Youth U10

Hucknall Sports Youth U10 Sun Blue

Hucknall Sports Youth U10 Sun Red

Hucknall Warriors Youth U10

Ilkeston Town Juniors U10 Athletico

Ilkeston Town Juniors U10 Barca

Ilkeston Town Juniors U10 Real

Keyworth United F.C. Youth U10 Black

Keyworth United F.C. Youth U10 Green

Long Bennington FC U10

Moorgreen Colts Youth U10 Blue

Netherfield Boys U10 Blue

Netherfield Boys U10 Gold

Netherfield Boys U10 Sky

Nottingham F.C. Youth U10 Raiders

Notts County Girls U10 Sun

Pegasus Youth U10 Sunday

Priory Celtic F.C. Youth U10 1967

Priory Celtic Youth U10 Sunday

Quarrydale United Youth F.C. U10 Sunday

Ravenshead Reds Youth U10 Sunday

Riverside Junior U10 Athletic

Robin Hood Colts Youth U10

Sandiacre Town Youth U10 Rebels

Selston Youth U10 Blue

Selston Youth U10 YEL

Sherwood Colliery F.C. Youth U10 Rangers

Sherwood Colliery Youth U10

Sherwood F.C. Youth U10 Blue

Sherwood F.C. Youth U10 Gold

Sherwood F.C. Youth U10 Yellow

Shirebrook Rangers & Juniors U10

Sleetmoor United FC U10 Rangers

Sports Gateway Hucknall JC F.C. U10 Barc

Sports Gateway Hucknall JC F.C. U10 Sund

St. Anns & Sneinton Youth U10

Teversal F.C. Youth U10

Toton Tornados Youth U10 Red

Toton Tornados Youth U10 white

WBCY U10 Sunday Deportivo Red

WBCY U10 Sunday Deportivo White

WBCY U10 Sunday Fire

West Hallam Juniors U10 Bullets

Wollaton Hall & Bramcote Youth U10 Warri

Woodhouse Colts Youth U10 Sun

For details about contacting your local club email yel@live.co.uk



  • 16th Deadline day for player registration/transfers
  • 1st Applications open for 2020/21 season
  • 1st Re-applications open for existing teams/clubs for 2020/21
  • 31st Applications officially close for new applications
  • 25th ONLINE SGM 7.15pm start – Club Secretaries to attend
  • 25th ONLINE AGM A7.30pm start – Club Secretaries to attend

  • 6th 7:30pm Online welcome meeting for all new 2020/21 club officials and team managers. New team managers from existing clubs also welcome to join.

16th – Deadline for league fees to be paid

16th – Deadline for minimum number of players to be registered on WGS

13th – COVID-19 Coordinators online meeting

18th – COVID-19 Coordinators online meeting

  • 5th/6th – Winter season starts

  • 19th/20th – Winter season ends


  • 9th/10th – Spring season starts

  • 15th – Spring season ends