YEL Nottingham Saturday League – U7s to U14s

YEL Nottingham Sunday League – U7s to U14s

YEL Newark Saturday League – U7s to U14s

YEL Derby Saturday League – U7s to U10s

Join us for another online briefing for YEL Derby on Monday 18th May at 7.30pm. Two of our board members – Rob Harwood, CEO and Kev Cooper, YEL Fixtures and Events, will host the session along with our Senior League Administrator, John Mc Nicholas. 

During the briefing, we will present an overview of the new league along with an update as to how the league is developing. 

If you are interested in joining the briefing, simply email the YEL Office – – stating your name, club/team you are representing and a contact mobile number in order that we can send you an invitation/log in details.

“A warm welcome to all new clubs considering joining the YEL. Close competitive games at all age groups with split seasons – Winter & Spring leagues – is what we are renowned for. But don’t just take my word for it!” – Rob Harwood CEO


Applications for all new teams wishing to join the YEL opens on Wednesday April 1st 2020.

Applications for teams wishing to join the YEL from new clubs (Non YEL Members 2019/20) closes at midnight on Sunday May 31st 2020.


Applications for new U9 to U14 teams from existing YEL member clubs will be accepted until 30th June 2020.

*Due to the potential impact of the coronavirus applications for new U12 to U14 teams from existing YEL Members will still be considered after the 30th June deadline but acceptance will not be guaranteed. Applications for new U9 to U11 teams from existing YEL member clubs will be still be considered until Monday 31st August but acceptance will not be guaranteed). Applications for new U7 and U8 teams will be accepted throughout the season up until Sunday 31st January 2021.


YEL Nottingham
Saturday League

U7s to U14s

Covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire (U11s-U14s), West Lincolnshire and North Leicestershire

20 miles radius of
Nottingham City Centre

YEL Nottingham
Sunday League

U7s to U14s 

Covering Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire (U11s-U14s), West Lincolnshire and North Leicestershire

20 miles radius of
Nottingham City Centre

YEL Newark 
Saturday League

U7s to U14s

Covering East Nottinghamshire & West Lincolnshire

20 miles radius of Newark Market Place

YEL Derby
Saturday League

U7s to U10s

Covering Derbyshire, West Nottinghamshire, East Staffordshire and North West Leicestershire

15 miles radius of Derby City Centre

  • YEL Nottingham Saturday, YEL Nottingham Sunday, YEL Newark & YEL Derby have the full support of the local County FAs.
  • Home and away matches each week during the season. Home teams host the matches at their grounds.
  • Close monitoring of the U7s & U8s results with groups being adjusted every four to six weeks to ensure teams are appropriately matched on ability.
  • U7s & U8s – Optional mini festivals three times a year.
  • U9 & U10 teams for Derby and U9 to U11 teams for Nottingham & Newark
    Will enjoy two competitive mini leagues – one during each of the two seasons as well as cup competitions for each age group with different cups based on ability groups to ensure everyone has a chance of winning ‘The Cup.’ Finals to be held at neutral venues. They will play friendly fixtures at all other times with matches being arranged by the YEL for every weekend.
    • Nottingham & Newark U12 to U14 teams will play firstly, in a Winter league and then a Spring league with promotion and relegation at Christmas.
    • Derby U7 to U10 teams will play firstly in Winter, September to Christmas and then in Spring January to May.
  • Professionally run league with full and part-time paid staff who concentrate on bringing teams and clubs the best possible experience of children’s football.
  • Supported by local County FAs referees’ departments, the YEL will appoint referees to our YEL Nottingham Saturday, YEL Nottingham Sunday & YEL Newark U9s to U14s games and YEL Derby U9s to U10s games, where possible, to provide neutral, unbiased officiating for the teams.
  • Our YEL Referees team – a perfect blend of youth and experience drawn from all ages – will work closely with local County FAs to develop the young up and coming referees as they begin their refereeing journey.
  • Our YEL Respect Team – both home and field based personnel – will provide invaluable support to the County FAs as well as providing support and encouragement for everyone involved in YEL Nottingham, YEL Newark and YEL Derby games – players, managers, coaches, parents, Welfare Officers etc.


To join either YEL Nottingham Saturday, YEL Nottingham Sunday,
YEL Newark or YEL Derby Leagues the follow joining fees apply:

U7s & U8s – £69 per team
U9s & U10s – £79 per team
U11s & U12s – £89 per team
U13s & U14s – £99 per team

The costs above will be invoiced on application but, due to the current unprecedented issues with the coronavirus potentially affecting club finances, no payments will be required until 1st August 2020.

  • The fees must be paid in full before the season starts in September.
  • The fees cover entry team entry into both seasons (no refunds for any team that does not take part in the post Christmas Spring season).
  • The fees cover entry into the YEL Cup competitions (a separate ‘one off’ charge may be made for any YEL organised festivals as these are voluntary additional events).
  • The fees include all player registrations and transfer fees.

There are no additional payments in order for teams to play football in the YEL other than the following:

  • Payments to qualified referees on match days which are paid by the home team
  • Possible exceptional circumstance payments where 3G surfaces are used by the league to complete a season or cup games if competition is behind – shared cost between teams
  • Presentation Day payments at hired venues. Payment per attendee.




The Club Secretary should create an account on Scoreline by visiting and clicking ‘Create Account’. (Takes approx. two minutes and free of charge).


The Club Secretary clicks on the ‘Clubs/Teams/Contacts’ option in the main menu and clicks on ‘My Clubs’.


The Club Secretary then clicks on ‘Add Club’.


The Club Secretary completes the required fields for Club application and clicks save.


The Club Secretary will be set up automatically with limited privileges until the YEL approve the account which will unlock the directory, finance area and other features.


The YEL approves the account and permissions are provided to the Club Secretary.


Once the club application has been submitted, a team application must be completed for each team being entered (only one club application is required regardless of how many teams you wish to enter). Existing clubs wishing to enter a new team (one that has not been entered for season 2019/20 must do this also:

Select the ‘Clubs/Teams/Contacts’ option from the main menu and choose ‘My Clubs’ scroll down to the ‘Teams within Club’ card and click on ‘Add Team’. Complete the required fields and click save. Repeat for each team being entered.

An automated invoice will be raised by Scoreline for each team entered. This will be found on Scoreline in the left hand menu bar under ‘Finance/Invoices’


All new clubs and teams applying for membership of YEL (Nottingham – Sat), YEL (Nottingham – Sun) and YEL (Newark) will need to be voted in at the YEL (Nottingham/Newark) AGM which is currently set for Thursday 25th June 2020.

All new clubs and teams applying for membership of YEL (Derby) will, for this inaugural season, be approved/rejected by the YEL (Derby) Management Team by Friday 26th June 2020.

“All of us here at the YEL look forward to welcoming your teams into the league for this upcoming 2020/21 season” – Rob Harwood CEO


To apply to join the YEL you must first submit a club application.