Parents and Players – Useful Information



Contact the manager of your team or your Club Welfare Officer as soon as possible whilst the details are fresh in your mind and report exactly what you saw or heard.

  • Go to the YEL Facebook page – YEL East Midlands – there are plenty of clubs looking for players
  • If you are new to an area, contact the YEL Office – – and we will give you details of teams local to you

Most clubs have a soccer school that can include children as young as four which is a fun environment for them to learn to play football. FA rules say that players must have reached their sixth birthday before they can play football in organised leagues such as the YEL.

Different clubs have different fees and fee structures. Always best to contact the club you are interested in joining and ask their Treasurer how the fees are calculated.

Simple answer is YES! There is a specific Girls League (NGLL) however we do have a number of girls-only teams playing in the YEL. It is also very common for girls to play in mixed teams. FA rules state they can continue to do this up to the age of 18.