YEL Update 10-9-2021

This Update covers FIVE really important messages which must be read and understood please


Dylan Rich – mark of respect

Player Registrations – general


ID cards, Team sheets and Match Returns are back from Sat 18th September

Reporting Respect issues





Dylan Rich – mark of respect

As a mark of respect to the family and club after the sad passing of West Bridgford Colts footballer Dylan Rich as a result of a sudden cardiac arrest three minutes into an FA Youth Cup game last Thursday evening we would request that all YEL member clubs come together and show their support for the family at this terrible time by holding either a minute’s silence or round of applause before the start of all YEL games this coming weekend. As a further recognition of the magnitude of this tragic loss of a young life, all of our games this weekend are now to kick off 5 minutes after the advertised time. We would ask that all managers make players and parents aware of the reason for this delayed kick off prior to minute’s silence/round of applause.




Player Registrations – general

U11-U14 – We are monitoring and updating player registrations daily. We have checked every U11–U14 team on Full-Time and have noticed that a handful of teams still do not have enough players registered to match the format they are playing in. Next weekend, we are starting our competitive season. Wednesday 15th September is a red line for players to be registered by as we cannot delay the start of the Winter season due to obvious time constraints of fitting in the games. Only the players registered on Full-Time – ie on the Whole Game player registration system, uploaded to the league and approved – will be permitted to play in the opening round of fixtures. Any team found to be playing players who are not registered, will be treated as playing an ineligible player and referred to the YEL Discipline Team so please don’t. Any ongoing issues with player registrations either contact the County FA for help or contact the parents (if they are the cause of the delay) and explain their child will miss out if they do not action your requests. Any issues over and above that, please contact the league and advise the problem.


If you are in any doubt as to whether one of your players is registered to play or not, follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter FT on the public facing site – link is
  2. Use the search for league box – type in ‘YEL’ and select your league/playing day – sat or sun
  3. The page will default to U14 – click on age group search and select your age group
  4. Scroll down the full list of teams that appears and find your team – click on your team
  5. Click on the ‘Players’ box on the right hand side which will show all of the players on your team who are registered and eligible to play from 18th Sept onwards – no other players can be selected unless added to player reg system, uploaded to the league and approved by the league. These then transfer automatically into this list.


U7–U10s – We will be completing a similar process to the above during the course of next week to ensure all YEL teams have registered players and are able to play.





There are ongoing issues with MatchDay app which we have been in communication with The FA over. At the moment it is producing inaccurate results into Full-Time ie stating that the game is ‘latest score’ rather than result despite teams entering the results via SMS text – it is, for some reason, overwriting them. The FA have accepted this is an issue when we highlighted it to them and they have recommended our clubs don’t use it whilst they fix the problem – see below – an extract from our email exchange:


‘We have stepped through the result reporting process (between Full-Time/SMS/Matchday) and we’ve seen that there is a way for Matchday to revert a fixture from a ‘Result’ back to a ‘Latest Score’.


It appears it is triggered by a Manager selecting ‘Edit Score’ within a 3hr window of the fixture. We are going to change this in our next app release (7.2) which we will aim to get out ASAP – likely to be 7-10 days. If the fixture is more than 3hrs past, the result is definitely locked, but during this time we allow ‘live’ scoring.


In the short term (your fixtures this weekend) if Managers can avoid using this (after a result has been submitted) it should avoid this issue. They can still go in and add stats (e.g. goal scorer, subs, cards) they just cannot edit the score and this tells Full-Time the Fixture is ‘live’ again. The score should already be present as it’s been entered via SMS, so hopefully this doesn’t impact their experience or ability to submit stats to support the result.’


The YEL recommend the score is entered by SMS text and DO NOT leave the fixture open and LIVE as this can make it a latest score and therefore missing on YEL result download






ID checks, Team sheets and match returns are back from Sat 18th September

ID Checks – Please download your registered players from WGS onto either a hard copy (recommended in case of poor signal) and/or onto your device so that ID checks can be completed prior to the start of the game. Full details of this mandatory requirement and the sanctions for non completion can be found in YEL Regulations under the rules section on – The main points are This applies to all YEL organsied fixtures – friendlies, league and cup; You can only play players who are on the FA ID squad list; both team managers must check each other’s players; absolutely not acceptable not to do it; NO ID CHECK = NO YEL GAME (you can decide to play a friendly outside of the YEL but the actual result will not count as a league fixture and will be referred to the YEL Discipline Team).


Team sheets – must be handed to the appointed YEL referee prior to the start of any YEL organised game listing the players starting and the subs.


Match returns (mandatory for U9s to U14s) – must be completed by logging into Full-Time and uploading the referee mark, respect marks and players taking part. If you choose to use MatchDay app to complete this process, you must log into Full-Time to ensure that the information has gone across. We all know there are issues with MatchDay so we won’t accept ‘I’ve did it on MatchDay’ as a valid reason for why it is not on Full-Time.


September amnesty – As usual, no fines will be issued for failing to complete/upload a match return by Tuesday evening following the games during September although please get into the habit as soon as possible to avoid any issues for your team from October onwards. If you are unsure how to complete a match return, visit – Useful Information for Managers and Coaches – click on read more – select ‘Basic Managers Guide to the day to day running of the YEL’ and download the information.




Reporting Respect Issues

Sadly, we have started this season off with more respect issues than we would have hoped for. If you have any issue which concerns you during a game – abuse of referee, abuse/aggravated language – racial, homophobic or otherwise – between players or managers, disagreements between coaches which become out of hand, parents arguing/over reacting etc – it is essential you report it to the league. Log into Scoreline – look for respect in the left hand menu bar, click into it and ‘add a case’ giving as much detail as possible regarding the incident. It is not ‘telling tales’ it is essential as sometimes people forget this is children’s football and adults are supposed to be the role models – setting the example to these young minds. They do not want to see poor behaviour; they are there to play a game of football and have fun. Remember ‘It’s all about the players.’ Report it and we can hopefully nip things in the bud to ensure we don’t have a bigger issue further down the line. Help us to make match days at all YEL games an enjoyable environment where the players have memories for all the right reasons.




Rob Harwood CEO


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