YEL Update 3rd September 2021

This Update covers


Player Registrations – general

Player Registration – dual registration

ID cards & Team sheets – w/e 4th/5th & 11th/12th Sept

Contacting referees




Player Registrations – general

There are loads of unsung heroes out there in the form of Club Secretaries. I just like to say a massive ‘thank you’ on behalf of the league and the players for the unbelievable effort you have all put in (and are continuing to do so) in dealing with the new process that The FA have introduced this year.


We have had to react to the ever changing landscape as fresh glitches, bugs and problems appear which has meant that the deadlines we have tried to set to create some semblance of order and normality to the league to allow us to run effectively and efficiently have had to be constantly revised. We do feel we are nearly there with almost 14,000 out of the expected 15,500 players now being on the system.


We now need every player to be registered and approved by Friday 17th September. Any players who are not registered cannot play after this date in either YEL organised competitive of friendly matches, until their registration has been completed. Please liaise with your county FA to get your final few players over the line. Friendlies for this weekend and next weekend can go ahead with players who you will be registering but aren’t yet necessarily on the system. Most important thing is ‘It’s all about the players’




Player Registrations – dual registration

Just to clarify last week’s Update on dual registration. U9 Players upwards can dual register for two different teams on the same day provided they are different age groups –eg FC United U9s Red and FC United U10s Yellow. (Teams at U7s and U8s are not included in this rule) Under FA rules they are not permitted to register for two teams in the same age group on the same day eg FC United U9s Red and FC United U9s Green. Any player that does play for two different teams in different age groups on the same day MUST follow The FA rules on maximum playing time – See YEL Rules on If you do dual register players, please ensure you have enough players in both squads to make both teams viable. There is no point in short-changing either team as, in the long run, one of the teams could end up folding which will affect not only the players but also other teams in the competitive divisions.




ID checks and Team sheets – w/e 4th/5th Sept and 11th/12th Sept

Reminder – due to the ongoing issues with player registrations no ID checks will required or Team sheets created for the first two weekends of the season as there is currently no accurate registration data available.




Contacting referees

Reminder to all teams. If you have had a YEL referee appointed, you MUST contact them ideally on Monday evening but by the absolute latest of Wednesday. Unbelievably, we have been inundated with emails from referees saying they have not received any contact. We will be monitoring teams that don’t contact the referee and we will then look at appointing their games last in future and give the referees to those teams who do follow the rules and show a desire to have one of these very scarce resources.




Rob Harwood CEO


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