YEL Update 07/10/22

This Update has SIX important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

Match returns need to be completed within 24 hours of the KO time
Players missing on Full-Time?
Feedback from U7/U8 – removal of heading pilot
Kick off time changes – fines issued
Nottingham Forest Women v Derby County Women – Sunday October 16th
YEL hotline number

Match returns need to be completed within 24 hours of the KO time

REMINDER – As part of the league rules/regulations approved and voted in by the member clubs at the AGM, match returns must be completed on Full-Time within 24 hours of the advertised kick off times. The YEL team are employed to uphold the rules and regulations of the league and therefore fines will be issued for any incomplete/late returns. Please be aware that Full-Time logs all dates and times when reports are submitted to the system. Should we identify that a club is making a false claim that a return has been completed, we will check the entry date and time and, if found to be after the 24 hour period, we will look to apply an additional administration charge.

These returns take less than 15 minutes to complete. Should anyone be struggling to understand what needs to be done, please visit and read the guides under ‘Useful advice for managers & coaches’ on the home page where the process is clearly explained.

Finally, WE ABSOLUTELY DO NOT RECOMMEND THE USE OF FA MATCHDAY APP TO COMPLETE YOUR RETURNS AS IT IS KNOWN TO HAVE ISSUES (or if you do, you do so at your own risk and you must always log into Full-Time to make sure all of the information has pulled through). Much better just to complete it on Full-Time.

‘I completed it on Matchday app’ will NOT be accepted as a valid excuse and any fines issued will stand.

Players missing on Full-Time?

This is guidance coming from Notts FA.

If you have a player who is not appearing on Full-Time or the MatchDay app but is appearing as registered to your team on Whole Game System, you will need to raise a ticket with the service desk at grassroots technology who will push them through for you.

If you are affected by this issue, you need to put a note in the note section of the match return stating the name/s of the player/s who played in the game that are not currently showing in your list of players and continue to do so until the issue is resolved.

Feedback fromU7/U8 – Removal of heading pilot

REMINDER FOR U7/U8 TEAM/CLUB CONTACTS – If you are a club with a U7/U8 team or are a team contact, please submit your feedback – good or bad – on what your experiences have been so far. What happened during training and match day? How did the parents react? What were your observations? How did the players cope with the new rules? Any/all feedback will be useful for us to communicate to The FA. You will be doing your part to help shape what the future of grassroots will look like.

Log into Scoreline & select ‘Feedback’ from the left hand menu

Kick Off time changes – fines issued

The message seems to be being lost on some managers and team admins regarding the 10 day rule for changing kick off times.

To clarify again, up until 10 days before the fixture, home teams can change kick off times to an earliest time of 10am without reference to the opposition. If the home team is wanting to change from the default kick off time to 9.30am (earliest permitted time for a YEL game to take place) regardless of timescale or change the KO time within 10 days of the scheduled date of the game to a time different to the default kick off time,  the home team MUST ask – not tell – and gain the agreement of the opposition, any appointed referee and the league. If any one of the three do not agree, the game must be played at the default kick off time either at the venue set on Full-Time or another nearby venue (It can be the away team’s ground if they are happy to host). At this stage the matter will be referred to the YEL Discipline team and the home team could be charged will failing to follow a management instruction and for breach of rules. If the away team agree to the new kick off time at the home team venue any appointed referee who is unable to take the game as they have another game at a similar time and is therefore disadvantaged may be compensated for losing the game through no fault of their own by an additional charge being levied against the home team.

We really do need pitch co-ordinators and managers to work 11-14 days in advance with the allocation of pitches to their teams to ensure that away teams know where they stand and can plan for the game, the limited supply of referees can be utilised to the maximum benefit of our member clubs & teams and the admin for the league on changing kick off times can be reduced.

There would need to be exceptional circumstances for a fine not to be applied to the home team and these would, of course, be taken into consideration by the YEL Discipline Team.

Nottingham Forest Women v Derby County Women – Sunday October 16th

Nottingham Forest Women take on local rivals, Derby County Women on Sunday 16th October at The City Ground.

KIDS: £1

Come along and support your team. Tickets are on sale now –

YEL Game Day hotline  

If you have any issues or on the day queries relating to your game only, you can contact the YEL Game Day Hotline number for advice.

07510 305354

Available between 9.30am and 12.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ON THE DAY MATCH RELATED ENQUIRIES – no other issues will be discussed.

Contacting the YEL
If you email the YEL OFFICE – – please ensure you state the team name, age group and playing day so we can quickly deal with the enquiry

Rob Harwood CEO

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