YEL Update 26th November 2021

This Update has THREE messages this week which we would ask you to please read and understand. Sadly, most of these are negative messages which we really don’t want to have to keep repeating.

International Youth Football Tournament – Disneyland Paris
Positive graffiti wall on our social media
ID Card/sheet checks

International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris – Easter 2022
PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT – We are delighted to announce our brand new partnership with Sport Experiences who are offering YEL member Clubs and their U10 to U15 teams the amazing opportunity to play in the International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris – Easter 2022. Sport Experiences are a specialist travel company who organise sporting trips to a number of venues throughout the UK and Europe. This football package will include transport from your club to Paris via coach. Teams will stay at the Davy Crocket ranch which is a short distance from the Disneyland park in family friendly accommodation. You will then spend two days mixing playing in the football tournament against teams from across Europe and using your included Disney passes to visit the Disneyland Paris park. This is a fantastic opportunity for a once in a lifetime experience for you and your players. More details will be available on early next week. In the meantime why not visit the Sport Experiences website – – and download a brochure where you will find out exactly what is available including an itinerary of your time at Disneyland Paris.

Positive graffiti wall on our social media
Please keep making the comments about your opposition when you complete your match returns – we want good or bad! The good ones will be submitted for inclusion on our graffiti wall as we want to celebrate the 95% of teams, coaches and parents who show respect to each other, the opposition and the referee so creating a great atmosphere and a pleasurable experience for all involved. The bad ones will be logged and could assist us in assisting them with any behaviour issues before they become full Respect cases. We would much prefer to educate before the need potentially arises for more serious action.

ID Card/sheet checks
Here is another reminder that the league rules state that ID card/sheet checks are done prior to the KO of any U7-U14 game. Every team/club secretary has been made aware that they need to be downloaded from WGS and hard copies kept with the team at all times. If a team refuses to do them or hasn’t got them with them – Question to ask yourselves is Why Not? Secondly, if they are produced but they have an additional player not on the sheet and won’t play without them, the official YEL game should not go ahead and it should be reported to the league. Why would they consider doing this as this is effectively an on the day cancellation which is an automatic award of the game to the opposition? Registrations are guaranteed up until 12 noon on Friday – plenty of time for last minute additions before the games. If correct procedures aren’t followed and the game goes ahead and this is later discovered by the YEL, BOTH teams will be in trouble and fined as one will be condoning the other’s actions in undermining the rules. NO Cards, NO official YEL game. From this point onwards after the official YEL game is cancelled it is entirely down to the managers and is nothing to do with the league. I would caution that by not checking cards and potentially allowing unregistered/ineligible players to play has obvious insurance implications and also raises safeguarding and welfare concerns as you have no idea how old the unregistered player is, whether they are suspended etc. You are putting your children’s welfare at risk which is why the checks are done.

Game Day Hotline – new number for this season
If you have any match day queries when at your game – Saturday or Sunday – and need advice, contact the YEL Game Day Hotline. It is monitored by YEL staff and is available between 9.30am and 12.30pm for match day queries only.

07510 305354

Rob Harwood CEO

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