YEL Update – 21st January

This Update has FOUR messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

Bad weather – making the right decision
U8s completing match returns
International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris – Easter 2022
Transfer policy – seven day notice

Bad weather – making the right decision

We have recently had some frost and heavy downpours. We are all keen to get the players out there playing football but first and foremost it has to be safe and fun for the players.

Few things to consider in the event of adverse weather:

  • Do a pitch inspection early 8/8.30am in the morning
  • Get advice from your club secretary
  • Visit the ground – your back garden is not the pitch!
  • Look at the weather forecast
  • Consider the age of the players
  • Consider how far your opposition are travelling – does the decision need to be two hours prior to kick off or can you leave it one and a half hours before?
  • Communicate with your opposition if the game is in doubt. Keep them in the loop
  • Discuss reversing the fixture to get the game played in conditions are better
  • The home team makes the decision – don’t leave it until the opposition get there to ask their opinion as there could be undue pressure to play the game when otherwise you would have called it off
  • If in doubt, don’t play.
  • Remember if the game is NOT going ahead, let your players know, the opposition know, let the league know AND let the referee know – it will cost if they turn up and haven’t been informed!

Under 8s – completing match returns

FOR U8s TEAM ADMINS/MANAGERS – As we start the Spring season, this is a good time for current U8 managers (2022/23 season U9s) to start getting into the habit of completing match returns on Full-time. Whilst it is not a mandatory requirement at the moment as you are U8s, it does become so when you get to U9s. This is the single biggest, easily avoidable fine in the list of fines that are imposed. Incomplete match returns account for 75% of the fines raised by the league. Get ahead of the game and get into the habit. Here is a link to a video on showing you how to complete a match return –

International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris – Easter 2022

A word from Sport Experiences about this opportunity for clubs with
U10-U15 Boys and
U13 & U15 Girls

Our long-running partnership with Disneyland Paris® has been a continued success and given thousands of children once-in-a-lifetime experiences. With the recent travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, many of us have been unable to travel and it’s a shame that many children have missed out on holidays and other opportunities. We have worked hard to produce new Covid-19 insurance policies to ensure that our customer’s money is safe. We want to reassure everyone that we have taken everything into account so that you can all have absolute peace of mind. Things are now moving in the right direction with overseas travel and we think it’s about time kids had fantastic experiences abroad which they will remember forever, playing the sport they love. It’s only £50pp deposit to secure each place!
We are on hand should you have any concerns or questions – simply call 020 8335 4949 for a chat and let’s get your club to Disneyland Paris® this April!

Brochure available from website

Additional details are available at

Transfer Policy – seven days notice

All club secretaries should have had an email from the league enclosing a notification from Notts FA (relevant to all YEL clubs regardless of which E Mids CFA you are affiliated to) regarding transfer of players and notice of approach.

The CFAs are cracking down on clubs where the correct seven day notice of approach has not been followed. Whilst this may seem strange to some that it has to be applied to grassroots football/youth football in the YEL, it has been made vry clear that these are nation FA rules and have to be followed and clubs will be treated the same way as Nottingham Forest, Leciester City and every other professional club. Rules are rules I’m afraid.

Game Day Hotline
If you have any match day queries when at your game – Saturday or Sunday – and need advice, contact the YEL Game Day Hotline. It is monitored by YEL staff and is available between 9.30am and 12.30pm for match day queries only.

07510 305354

Rob Harwood CEO

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