YEL Update 17/12/21

This Update has FOUR messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

FREE First Aid kit
League Meeting for all Club Secretaries – Tuesday January 11th 2022
International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris
Contact your referee to confirm the game AND if the game is postponed

FREE First Aid Kit

 We have some fantastic news for you. The YEL have recently linked up with Vesey UK (Discount Football kits) for a special offer which provides every team registered to play in our league with a free first aid kit and contents. As part of our joint support with the Vesey, all teams from the YEL have until Friday 31st December 2021 to register on the below landing page to receive a free First Aid Kit, worth £49.99 each!

To receive your teams First Aid Kit, the team manager is required to complete the simple registration form with your contact details and a couple of questions about your club and team. One manager per team is eligible for the first aid kit for their assigned team. So please don’t sign up for multiple teams within your club. Each manager must complete their own registration.

Once you have registered you will then receive the First Aid Kit by 31st January 2022.
We advise all teams to get registering straight away so you don’t miss out.

League Meeting for all Club Secretaries – January 11th 2022

CLUB SECRETARIES – Pop this date in your diary. League Meeting on Tuesday 11th January 2022. Invite with time and agenda will follow.

International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris – Easter 2022

Fantastic opportunity for clubs with U10-U15 Boys and U13 & U15 Girls to take their teams to play in the International Youth Festival of football just outside Paris next Easter. Teams from across Europe will be taking part to give you a truly international football experience. Couple this with the exciting location and passes to the theme park, this could really be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Travel, accommodation, the football and passes are included within the package. Further detail available at

Contact your referee to confirm the game AND if the game is postponed

It is vitally important that you contact your YEL appointed referee as soon as you receive notification from full-time of a referee appointment. If you don’t, there is every likelihood you will be referred to the YEL Discipline Team for failing to follow league rules and end up not being appointed referees in the future.

Also, if your game is postponed or cancelled, you must contact your referee to advise them. No point in just notifying the opposition and forgetting the referee. If you have confirmed the game and forgotten to notify them of a postponement and they turn up, they will be entitled to their full fee from you.

Please Note: We have had referees starting to decline appointments where teams have failed to contact them in the past. With the shortage of referees, there are plenty of other games for them to officiate if you have failed to contact them. It is a league rule that you confirm the game with them.

Game Day Hotline
If you have any match day queries when at your game – Saturday or Sunday – and need advice, contact the YEL Game Day Hotline. It is monitored by YEL staff and is available between 9.30am and 12.30pm for match day queries only.

07510 305354

Rob Harwood CEO

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