YEL Update 10/12/21

This Update has FOUR messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

ID card checks
Invoice payment terms are 14 days
International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris
YEL advance – Cycle III from January 2022

ID Card/sheet checks

Here is another reminder that the league rules state that ID card/ sheet checks are done prior to the KO of any U7-U14 game. Every team/club sec has been made aware that ID sheets need to be downloaded from WGS and hard copies kept with the team at all times. If a team refuses to do them or hasn’t got them – Why Not? Secondly, if they are produced but they have an additional player not on the sheet and won’t play without them, the official YEL game should not go ahead and it should be reported to the league. Why would they consider doing this as this is effectively an on the day cancellation which is an automatic award of the game to the opposition? Registrations are guaranteed up to 12 noon on Friday – plenty of time for last minute registrations. If correct procedures aren’t followed and the game goes ahead and this is later comes to light, BOTH teams will be fined as one will be condoning the other’s actions in undermining the rules. NO Cards, NO official YEL game. From this point, the official YEL game is cancelled and it’s entirely down to the managers if a game takes place – nothing to do with the league. We’d caution that by not checking cards and potentially allowing unregistered/ ineligible players to play has obvious insurance implications and also raises safeguarding and welfare concerns as you have no idea how old the player is, whether they’re suspended etc. You are putting your children’s welfare at risk which is why we do checks.

Invoices payment terms are 14 days
Reminder to all club secretaries/treasurers. Can we ask that you please log into Scoreline to check for any outstanding invoices that your club may have. Terms are that al invoices should be settled within 14 days.

International Youth Football Tournament at Disneyland Paris – Easter 2022

Fantastic opportunity for clubs with U10-U15 Boys and U13 & U15 Girls to take their teams to play in the International Youth Festival of football just outside Paris next Easter. Teams from across Europe will be taking part to give you a truly international football experience. Couple this with the exciting location and passes to the theme park, this could really be an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. Travel, accommodation, the football and passes are included within the package. Further detail available at

YEL Advance – Cycle III from January 2022
Are your players wanting some additional coaching from UEFA Licence coaches? YEL Advance Cycle III starts on Friday 7th January 2022. Monday night sessions at FSM Carlton and Friday night sessions at Clifton Football Centre. Full details on  £30 for the six one hour weekly sessions. Open to all abilities from U7s to U12s. Registrations now being taken.

Game Day Hotline
If you have any match day queries when at your game – Saturday or Sunday – and need advice, contact the YEL Game Day Hotline. It is monitored by YEL staff and is available between 9.30am and 12.30pm for match day queries only.

07510 305354

Rob Harwood CEO

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