YEL Update 16/10/20


This update is for all YEL club officials and team managers and covers


Breaking FA/YEL rules on numbers of players in a match day squad

Match return fines – Improvement but still too many fines!

Game Day hotline

COVID-19 – Reminder of the basics





Breaking FA/YEL rules on numbers of players in a match day squad

Disappointingly, we have noticed teams breaking the rules on the numbers of players in a match day squad. By taking more than the rules permit, potentially gives an unfair advantage for one team over another as they can use fresh players throughout the game. The rules are very clear:


11v11 (U13/U14) you can have a maximum of 5 (five) substitutes which can be used on a rolling basis – ie match day squad of 16 in total.


9v9 (U11/U12) – you can have a maximum of 5 (five) substitutes which can be used on a rolling basis – ie match day squad of 14 in total.


Mini soccer – you can have a squad no greater than the match format

5v5 maximum match day squad of 10

7v7 maximum match day squad of 14


Where a team has been found to have broken this rule, the match will be referred to the YEL Discipline Team.




Match returns fines – improvement but still too many fines!

Despite reminding managers/coaches in last week’s Update about match returns needing to be completed on Full-Time, we are still getting incomplete returns and fines are being issued. This is really disappointing as it is taking valuable administration time to check these returns and issue the fines. Reminder once again – This is a league rule (mandatory for U9s-U14s – currently advisory for U7s & U8s) for YEL organised games – friendly or competitive. Everyone should already have been completing Match Returns on Full-Time since the start of the season anyway. CAUTIONARY NOTE: FA Matchday app is apparently NOT foolproof. IF you decide to use Matchday app to complete your match returns, you must check that the information has been received/entered correctly by logging into the Full-Time site. This is your responsibility and we will NOT accept screenshots from Matchday app suggesting that this has been completed; Fines will still be applied if Full-Time is missing information. has a detailed step by step guide on How to complete a Match Return. Home; scroll down to Useful information; Click the ‘read more’ on Useful information for managers and coaches;  Select YEL – Match Returns – How to complete them.




YEL Game Day hotline

If you have a match related issue/query on Saturday and Sunday morning between 9.30am and 12.30pm and need league advice, you can call the Game Day hotline


07902 778 973


One of the YEL Team will be on hand to give you advice. DO NOT RING THIS NUMBER FOR A GENERAL OFFICE QUERY as you will be advised to email the office – – Also do not use this number at any time outside of 9.30am to 12.30pm on a weekend as it is not monitored.




COVID-19 – Reminder of the basics


  • Standard questions for every player before a game/training session. Are they displaying/have they displayed any coronavirus symptoms over the last seven days.
  • Test carried out? Check that they have not been for a coronavirus test. If they have and are awaiting a result or have tested positive, they should be sent home immediately
  • Always encourage parents/spectators to follow the ‘rule of 6’ government guidance
  • You should keep reminding players to sanitise their hands regularly – during the training session and at half time/full time on match day
  • Sanitise equipment prior to and after a session
  • Ask parents to make sure they scanned the NHS ‘test and Trace’ QR code on site
  • For those who haven’t/can’t scan the QR Code, complete a manual record
  • Encourage parents/players to follow government guidance and be socially distance at all times





Rob Harwood CEO


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