YEL Update – 12th January 2024

This Update has SIX important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

SECRETARIES – Accreditation deadline– March 10th 2024
Cup Matches – Cup tied players, ID checks & team sheets
Home team to contact opposition and referees by Monday evening
Failing to update Full-Time with Kick off changes – League Regulation 5
Referee fees
YEL Game Day Hotline

SECRETARIES – Accreditation deadline – March 10th 2024

The YEL is an England accredited league. Our League Regulations, (Reg 1) states that to be a member club of the YEL you must hold be an England Football Accredited Club. For a club to be a readmitted/accepted as a new member of the YEL for season 2024-25 YOU MUST BE ENGLAND ACCREDITED AT THE AGM IN JUNE (brand new clubs – less than 12 months old – need to obtain an email from your county FA to say that you have started the process)

The deadline set by The FA to have your renewal/England Accreditation application submitted is March 10th 2024. Check NOW that your coaches have the necessary qualifications. If not, then get onto the process ASAP as some online courses – Introduction to coaching as an example – get filled up quickly and you may find they have no availability.

If you are unsure what needs to be done, please contact your local CFA.

Cup Matches – Cup tied players, ID checks & team sheets

Cup tied players – Any player who has played in a previous round for another team in the same age group and playing day cannot play for another team in the same age group cup competition as they will be cup tied and therefore ineligible. Any team found to have played an ineligible player will be removed from the competition. Please check and make sure you do not fall foul of this rule.
Cup Rules & ID Checks – Please ensure you have read and understand the cup rules inc ID checks and proving team sheets to officially appointed YEL refs – -under rules and regulations – Any issues on the day – Ring the YEL Game ay hotline below.

Please email the YEL Office should you encounter any officially appointed YEL referee refusing to accept a team sheet or saying that they don’t need them.

Home team to contact opposition and referees by Monday evening

Gentle reminder that it is the home team’s responsibility to contact the opposition manager no later than Monday evening to confirm the details of the upcoming game. There have been a number of reports recently where the away team have had to contact the home team on a Thursday as they have not heard anything.

It is also the home manager’s responsibility to contact any appointed referee, ideally by Monday evening – certainly no later than Wednesday.

Any doubts about your responsibilities as a YEL manager, visit – click ‘Useful Information for Managers’ where you will find the pdf ‘Basic guide to weekly team administration in the YEL’

Failing to update Full-Time with Kick off changes – League Regulation 5

There are an increasing number of teams who are failing to notify the YEL Office of changes in kick off times so Full-Time can be updated. Full-Time needs to display the correct information for ALL YEL organised U7-U14 games – league, friendlies or cup. This is especially important when sending out our Respect Field Officers and appointing referees to games. It is the responsibility of the home team to ensure that the kick off time on Full-Time is correctly displayed. Any home team that is found to have not updated the YEL Office with a change in kick off time by email as soon as they are aware of it, will be charged and fined under League Regulation 5.

Referee fees

Reminder of the fees to be paid by the home team on the day of the game to YEL appointed referees:

Mini Soccer (U9/U10) – £15
9v9 (U11/U12) – £25
11v11 (U13/U14) – £30

YEL Game Day hotline  

If you have any issues or on the day queries relating to your game only, you can contact the YEL Game Day Hotline number for advice.

07510 305354

Available between 9.30am and 12.30pm on Sat/Sun

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ON THE DAY MATCH RELATED ENQUIRIES – no other issues will be discussed.

Contacting the YEL
If you email the YEL OFFICE – – please ensure you state the team name, age group and playing day so we can quickly deal with the enquiry

Rob Harwood CEO

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