YEL Update – 08/10/21

This Update has FIVE messages this week which we would ask you to please read and understand.


Barry Burman – Funeral

Match Returns for all U9s to U14s YEL organised games

ID cards & Team sheets are back

Elston United U13s

YEL Advance is back!




Barry Burman Funeral

For those of you who have been enquiring, the funeral of our President and former Chairman, Barry Burman, will take place at 12noon on Monday 18th October at Wilford Hill, Wets Bridgford. The wake will be held at The Nottingham Knight immediately afterwards.




Match Returns for all U9s to U14s YEL organised games

Despite numerous reminders we have sent out fines to 118 teams this week. This is not something we wish to do as it creates a huge amount of additional admin in terms of raising the fines as well as having to chase the outstanding information which is held within the match returns. Match Returns are a mandatory requirement for teams playing in the YEL. Please log into Full-Time after your game and make sure the information is completed ASAP. Full-Time gives us the exact time when the information is completed so we will be checking any teams that query being fined who state they have completed it. The rules are that it has to be completed within 48 hours of the game being played.


The YEL recommends the score is entered by SMS text and match returns are completed by logging into Full-Time.




Can all club secretaries please get this message out to your managers.



ID checks & Team sheets are now back

ID Checks – Please download your squad list of REGISTERED players from WGS onto either a hard copy (recommended in case of poor signal) and/or onto your device so that ID checks can be completed prior to the start of the game. How to download a squad list can be found here –

Full details of this mandatory requirement and the sanctions for non completion can be found in YEL Regulations under the rules section on – The main points are this applies to all YEL organised fixtures – friendlies, league and cup; You can only play players who are shown as registered on the FA ID squad list; both team managers must check each other’s players; absolutely not acceptable not to do it; NO ID CHECK = NO YEL GAME (you can decide to play a friendly outside of the YEL but the actual result will not count as a league fixture and will be referred to the YEL Discipline Team).


Team sheets – If a referee has been appointed by the league, you must hand a team sheet to him/her detailing the players starting and the subs, 15 minutes before the start of the game. Team sheets are available to download on under ‘Useful information for managers and coaches’ – Download a YEL Team sheet – on the home page.




Elston United U13s

For current U13 teams  – Elston United have formed a U13 team and they are looking for friendlies against YEL teams in preparation for them joining the league next year. If any U13s have a spare date available and are looking for a friendly, please contact their manager – James Hazzeldine 07809 486921 to arrange a game.




YEL Advance is back!

The ever popular YEL Advance sessions return from w/c 1st November. All YEL players of all abilities are welcome to join the extra coaching sessions from UEFA licensed coaches. The session are in six week cycles and cost £30. If any of your players want further information, please visit and click the link to YEL Advance.




Rob Harwood CEO


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