YEL Update 02/10/20

This update is for all YEL club officials and team managers and covers


Latest COVID-19 guidance/update
Match returns must be completed – fines to apply from this weekend – online guide Full-Time – Updating venues and ko times
NHS test and trace app
Referees – responsibilities of U9 to U14 home teams – using your own referee RESPECT – is there something that needs reporting?
Disabled parking – MS sufferer – parking considerately


Latest COVID-19 Update

There have been plenty of examples this weekend of clubs embracing the recommendations made by the YEL Board recently. I’m sure this will be appreciated by everyone. I witnessed at first hand a U10s game on Saturday (3rd October) how we can all work to make our touchlines a safer environment for all; 15 parents/carers, well spaced with good gaps between. Congratulations Bingham Town U10 Bule and RHP Colts U10. As we have pointed out on a number of occasions, these are recommendations only to supplement the government and FA guidance and it is up to individuals/clubs to decide how they administer their COVID policy. Quick reminder to team mangers – keep the players following the guidance – socially distance when not in match play; keep sanitising equipment regularly; keep the players using hand sanitiser from their own labelled bottles; keep the players self monitoring and stay away from training and matches if displaying any of the symptoms and contact the NHS.


Match returns to be completed – fines will be applied for non-completion from this weekend

We are now into October and everyone should already have been completing Match Returns on Full- Time. (mandatory for U9s-U14s – currently advisory for U7s & U8s). Any team that fails to complete a match return for games played from Saturday 2nd October onwards will receive a fine. CAUTIONARY NOTE: FA Matchday app is apparently NOT foolproof. IF you decide to use Matchday app to complete your match returns, you must check on the main full-time system that the information has been received/entered correctly. This is your responsibility and we will NOT accept screenshots from Matchday app suggesting that this has been completed; Fines will still be applied if Full-Time is missing information. If you have not yet logged into/gained access to FA Full-Time you must notify the YEL Office immediately – – We will compile a list of those who are experiencing issues – these will be considered for exemption from fines in the short term until issues are resolved. You need to advise us no later than 5pm Tuesday 6th October otherwise we will assume you are able to complete Match Returns and will be subject to usual non-completion fines. has a detailed step by step guide on How to complete a Match Return. Home; scroll down to Useful information; Click the ‘read more’ on Useful information for managers and coaches; Select YEL – Match Reports – How to complete them.


Full-Time – updating venues and kick off times

A large number of teams are NOT updating full-time when they change a venue or kick off time. This is an essential requirement in order for the administration of the YEL to work efficiently. Previously, this has not been a major issue and we have not applied fines which we have the authority to do; However, due to the unprecedented number of occasions that the system has not been updated recently, we will be introducing fines for non-compliance as this affects, in particular, the appointment of referees which are an incredibly scarce resource and have to be utilised to their maximum.


NHS Test and Trace

Reminder to all clubs that this is a mandatory requirement from the government. You must have a QR Code/NHS Test and Trace downloaded and displayed for your home venue (or all if you use multiple sites). If you are using a public park/facility we would recommend that you contact whoever you are hiring the venue from and see if they already have test and trace set up. Ask them to provide the QR code for the site then print it off and make sure it is displayed when you are using the facility.


Referees – responsibilities of U9 to U14 home teams – using your own referee

At a risk of sounding like a broken record – U9 TO U14 HOME TEAMS MUST CONTACT THEIR APPOINTED REFEREE BY MONDAY EVENING PRIOR TO THE GAME (or within 24 hours if it is a late appointment) otherwise you will run the risk of losing the referee as they are a scarce resource and we have to ensure they are fully utilised.

DO NOT change your kick off time once a referee has been appointed as you should have sorted out your kick off time at least 10 days in advance and referees are appointed 7/8 days prior to the game. We appreciate COVID causes lots of problems but it is essential everyone works smarter and thinks about the following week’s game earlier. If you are unsure of any process – Useful Manager Information. There is a guide to the day to day running of the league and what you need to do.

USING YOUR OWN REFEREE – Great idea for this season!! as we are desperately short of referees and need to get them appointed to games where desperately needed. If you have your own referee that is happy to referee at your venue on a regular basis, contact for the attention of Sarah. Give her details of who the referee is – name, email address and mobile, when they are available (specific dates if not every week). This way we can ensure that we don’t waste a ref appointment to a team that already has one. PLEASE ensure if you have sourced your own ref, you give us plenty of advance notice – 10 days would be perfect – as we can then make sure we don’t waste administration time and the YEL appointed ref’s time by appointing a game where there is a ref in place. Help us to help you. There is no point in letting us know two to three days before the game!


RESPECT – Is there something that needs reporting?

RESPECT, welfare and safeguarding of players is an important part of our work in ensuring children play football in the right environment. If you experience something in a YEL game of football which you feel should be brought to the attention of the league, please speak to your Club Welfare Officer/Secretary and discuss it with them. We would encourage all issues are reported to the league. Ask either of them to add a report to Scoreline in the Respect section giving full details of what happened. Please DO NOT email the office with the details as we will simply send it back to you and ask for it to be added to Respect on Scoreline. These reports, depending on the seriousness, will then either be investigated or, if not considered of a nature where we can take immediate action, will be kept on file so we can build up a picture and see if there is a pattern of poor behaviour from teams/parents/managers.


Disabled parking – MS sufferer – Parking considerately

Finally, but just as importantly, we have received a request from a MS sufferer who has been to a number of clubs recently where there are disabled parking spaces being occupied by apparently non disabled drivers. This person struggles to walk very far. Can everyone try and ensure that disabled spaces remain available for disabled people and remind their own parents of this heartfelt plea. Most of us are fit and healthy and take our well being for granted. Please consider those less fortunate.


Rob Harwood CEO


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