YEL Update 02/09/22

This Update has SIX important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

FA removal of heading pilot for U7s & U8s
FINES – Match returns, Reporting scores by SMS text, ID checks, ineligible players
Managers guide – Basic guide to team admin
We’re ready for the new season – Are You?
Reminder of referees fees

FA Removal of heading pilot for U7s & U8s


To be introduced from October 1st for all YEL organised U7 & U8 games

The YEL has agreed to take part in The FA pilot scheme to understand the challenges to the game of removing heading from younger age groups at grassroots level. The FA have sanctioned leagues to pilot any/all football from U12s down. The YEL in conjunction with Notts FA have decided to concentrate on U7s/U8s as these players have only had limited/no exposure to the idea of heading. All other age groups will play 2022-23 YEL football using the existing laws of the game. Details have already been sent by email to all U7/U8 managers listed on Scoreline (check junk/spam) along with guidance for parents plus some FAQs. Feedback in the form of live experiences & challenges faced from those participating in this pilot is essential so we can help shape the future of grassroots football. All feedback to be sent to NOT the YEL Office

FINES – Match returns, Reporting scores via SMS text, ID checks, Ineligible players

WE DO NOT WANT TO FINE TEAMS/CLUBS! The league now has 1300 teams, so it is essential that everyone complies with the league rules and regulations. Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with these –

The most common fines (all easily avoided!) are:

  • Not completing match returns on Full-Time
  • Not reporting the score via SMS text
  • Not doing Player ID checks before the game
  • Playing ineligible players

We do not make the rules, we only apply them on behalf of the member clubs as voted in at the AGM.

Managers Guide – Basic guide to team admin in the YEL

Download the guide to team admin from to make sure you fully understand what admin you need to do on a weekly basis as a manager/coach in the YEL – – useful information for managers/coaches section

We’re ready for the new season – Are You?


  • Teams – Are all your players registered – a player can’t play if not registered and list on player ID sheet
  • Home team – KO time and venue correct on Full-Time – if not, email with details of change you wish to make
  • Home team – confirmed game with opposition
  • ALL teams – downloaded player ID sheets from WGS. ID checks MUST be done prior to ALL YEL games
  • Home team – confirmed the game with YEL appointed referee (U9s-U14s)
  • ALL team contacts – logged into Full-Time and YEL Scoreline – problems? email
  • ALL team contacts – Read the YEL Rules & Regulations available on
  • DON’T FORGET – all teams must respond to SMS text sent during the game to report the score AND all YEL teams U7s upwards must complete match returns after the game on Full-Time.
  • Anything unclear? Email YEL OFFICE – with your query.

Reminder of referees fees

  • Mini soccer (7v7)….£15
  • U11/U12 (9v9)………£25
  • U13/U14 (11v11)….£30

Referees can be paid before or after the game. They must be paid on the day by the home team.


We don’t normally issue fines for cancelling friendly games however this week we have seen over 20 matches postponed within 5 days of the game taking place. We appreciate that children may still be coming back from holiday but this is really poor admin and has meant that a lot of teams have had to go without games as it was too late to rearrange fixtures. Can we please ask that if you are going to cancel a game you try and give 10 days notice. This is really important at this time of the year when we are trying to assess if the divisions/devt groups we have set, are correct by getting in two friendly assessment matches. Anyone that doesn’t give ten notice may be subject to a fine depending on circumstances.

Contacting the YEL

If you email the YEL OFFICE – – please ensure you state the team name, age group and playing day so we can quickly deal with the enquiry

Rob Harwood CEO

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