YEL Update – 02/04/21

This update is for all YEL club officials and team managers and covers


Player ID card checks

COVID-19 guidance

Game day Hotline

Match returns

YEL Re-registrations now open for 2021/22 season





Player ID Card checks

COVID-19 policy regarding Player ID checks which was adopted during the Winter season will continue. We will not require teams to do player ID cards prior to the game in this Spring season. We expect all teams to uphold the exemplary behaviour of sportsmanship displayed in the Winter season and only play registered players of the correct age. Any team suspected on not following this guidance should be reported to the league to be investigated. Any team found to have played an ineligible player with face the maximum penalty we can impose. We are continuing with this policy mainly because of the ongoing pandemic but also because the new FA player registration system is experiencing problems with player photos for some teams not transferring across.




COVID-19 Guidance

A reminder that all clubs should, by now, have completed and updated where necessary, their COVID-19 guidance. Just to confirm the important points

  • Clubhouses and changing facilities MUST remain shut
  • All previous COVID-19 checks and requirements which were in place prior to the cessation of football must still be implemented including test and trace, individual sanitisers for players, sanitising procedures, checks on player well being prior to engaging on football activities, observance of social distancing etc
  • No spectators are allowed at games apart from one parent/carer per player – managers and coaches do not count as a parent/carer as they are there is an official training/matchday capacity
  • Toilet facilities can be opened 30 mins before football starts and up to 30 mins after football has finished
  • Takeaway food, soft drinks and confectionery can be served but not consumed adjacent to the outlet ie on a clubhouse patio
  • Test and Trace policy should be in place at all venues either by scanning the NHS QR codes or have a manual system for those who can’t check in on a device


It is in everyone’s interest that these key points plus the others within the guidance are followed to ensure that football can return safely. If anyone sees any blatant disregard of the guidance, please report it to the Club COVID-19 Officer who should then pass it on to the relevant authorities copying in the County FA and the league.




Game Day Hotline

Anyone who is has an on the day issue or needs clarification on a point can contact the league on the Game Day hotline for advice.


07902 778973


Only to be used on match days for match related issues.




Match returns

Reminder that match returns MUST be completed for all YEL organised games – friendly or league. We would warn those using the FA Match Day App to complete match returns that issues have been experienced in the past. If you do decide to use the app we strongly advise that you check on FA Full-Time that the information has been recorded in full. We will not accept explanations that the return has been completed on the app as we have made everyone aware that the system has issues. Failure to complete match returns will attract a fine from this coming weekend. There is no amnesty period for the Spring season as everyone should be aware of this requirement.




YEL Re-registrations now open for 2021/22 season

Finally, I can’t believe we are here already, but just to advise that the re-registration process for clubs and teams for the 2021/22 season has now opened. As last season, this can only be completed by club secretaries on Scoreline. Full details of how to complete this will be sent out on a separate update. Don’t panic! as I know we are all just returning to football. You have two months to complete the process – ends 31st May – so plenty of time for things to settle down and find out which teams are planning to play in the 2021/22 season.



Rob Harwood CEO


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