Incomplete Match Returns Report

For the attention of all Club Secretaries and Team contacts listed on Scoreline

Below is a list of all teams who have either failed to complete a match return at all or who have an incomplete match return – missed out player statisticsCan all club secretaries support their U7-U8 and U9 teams as the completion of Match returns are now mandatory for all age groups within the YEL league

Remember if your fixture appears on Fulltime – even if you have arranged the fixture, you MUST complete a match return – ensure all element are completed FA, league, Referee marks and Player Statistics (starting/bench line up)

The league strongly advise that all Match returns are completed via Full time. Please avoid completing match returns via the Match Day App as there are ongoing issues with it. If you do wish to use the app, it is essential that you log into full-time to check that the information has pulled through.   

If your team is on this list, can the club secretary and manager get together to ensure that everyone knows how to complete a match return on Full-Time. Anyone who does not have a log in – email for advice although club secretaries should first make sure that the manager is registered on WGS to the team.

Match returns MUST be completed by YEL teams for all YEL organised U7s to U14s matches– friendlies, league, and cup – and, as per league rules, teams/clubs will be fined if they are not uploaded within 48 hours of the game taking place.

Fines are           £5 .00 –   First offence
£10.00 –   Second offence
£20.00 –   Third offence and each subsequent offence thereafter

Our records indicate that following Saturday and Sunday teams listed below have not either not completed their Teams match return or The Player statistics (started/bench) is missing from their match return for last weekend. 

Match returns must still be completed in full, regardless of whether a team has paid a fine or not. Failure to complete the returns could affect a team’s attendance at the seasonal presentation days should they be champions or runners up and could result in an additional administration charge or fixtures being suspended

To avoid any match returns fines being raised against your team and club, please see the link below to and an FA video which may help newcomers ensure that each return is fully completed – ‘YEL – Match Returns – how to complete them.’

17th September 2022

No Match return completed 

Aston Village Royale U14
Clifton All Whites Red U14
Burton Joyce Blue U14
Dunkirk Colts Black U14
G3A F.C U14
Pass Move Grin U14

Arnold Town Blue U13
Bulwell Athletic Dynamos U13
FC Cavaliers U13
Wollaton & Bramcote Owls U13
Wollaton & Bramcote Titans U13

Eastwood CFC Black U12
Fernwood Foxes U12
Hilton Harriers Lightning U12
Marlborough Rovers U12
Moorgreen Colts White U12
WBYFC Eagles U12

Newark Town Titans U11
Sileby Juniors U11
Southwell City Blue U11

G3A Atletico U10
G3A Bayern U10
Ilkeston Town U10
Portuguese FA U10 N
Sandiacre Town Sharks U10
St. Anns & Sneinton U10
Woodthorpe Community Rowdies U10

AJ Sport F.C U9
Bingham Town White U9
Coalville Town Ravens U9
Eastwood Athletic Red Devils U9
G3A F.C.U9
Keyworth United Blue U9
Lowdham Colts Black U9
Lowdham Colts Red U9
Newark Town Titans U9
Nottingham F.C.U9 Green
RHP Colts White U9
Sandiacre Town Tornadoes U9
Sherwood F.C.Blue U9
Toton Tigers U9
West Hallam Warriors U9
Wollaton & Bramcote Rockets U9
Woodhouse Colts U9

AFC Warriors Knights U8 N
AFC Warriors Vikings U8
Basford CFC Black U8
Beaufort United White U8
Clifton AW Silver U8
Codnor Boys Raptors U8
DLFC Grey U8
Dunkirk Colts U8
Edwalton Cavaliers Blue U8
Edwalton Cavaliers White U8
G3A Lazio U8
Gedling F.C Tigers U8
Gedling Southbank Royals U8
Heanor Juniors Rams U8
Keyworth United Red U8
Long Bennington FC U8
Long Eaton Orange U8
Long Eaton Purple U8
Long Eaton White U8
Loughborough Emmanuel U8
Lowdham Colts Black U8
Lowdham Colts Red U8
Moorgreen Colts U8
Newark Brazil Santos U8 N
Pegasus F.C.U8
Priory Celtic Hoops U8
Sherwood F.C.Red U8
Silva FC Carlton White U8
Silva FC Rushcliffe Red U8
Southwell City Lions U8
Southwell City Tigers U8
Southwell City Wolverines U8
Teversal FC Red U8
Tibshelf Tornados U8
Toton Tigers U8
WBYFC Raiders Black U8
WBYFC Raiders Red U8
WBYFC Raiders Stripes U8
West Hallam Spartans U8
Woodhouse Colts U8
Woodthorpe Community Incas U8
ATFA Brinsley Bull Dogs U7
Bingham Town Blue U7
Blidworth Bengals U7
Burton Joyce Blue U7
Collingham FC Cougars U7 N
Eastwood CFC U7
Edwalton Cavaliers Blue U7
Gedling Southbank Magpies U7
Gedling Southbank Warriors U7
Holy Spirit Celtic U7
Hucknall Sports Red U7
Keyworth United Green U7
Long Eaton Invaders U7
Long Eaton Milan U7
Long Eaton Royal U7
Lowdham Colts Rossoneri U7
Mapperley All Stars Blue U7
Lowdham Colts Rossoneri U7
Moorgreen Colts U7
Newark Brazil Corinthians U7
Newark Brazil Santos U7
RHP Colts U7 N
Ruddington Colts Black U7
Sandiacre Town Reds U7
Sherwood F.C.Yellow U7
Stapleford Town Jaguars U7
Stapleford Town Saxons U7
Teversal F.C Blue U7
Teversal F.C. U7 Red
WBYFC Ash Black U7
WBYFC Ash Red U7 WBYFC Elm Black U7
WBYFC Elm Red U7
WBYFC Elm Stripes U7
Wollaton & Bramcote Green U7
Wollaton & Bramcote Red U7
Wollaton & Bramcote Yellow U7
Woodhouse Colts Blue U7
Woodhouse Colts Yellow U7
Woodthorpe Community Revolution U7

Match return partially completed – Player Statistics missing  

Edwalton Cavaliers White U13
Holy Spirit Celtic Blue U13

Aslockton & Orston U12

G3A F.C.Barca U11
Sandiacre Town Rockets U11

Newark Brazil Corinthians U10 N
WBYFC Blaze U10
DLFC Gold U10

Eastwood CFC Red U9
Edwalton Cavaliers Red U9
Moorgreen Colts White U9
Newark Town Cavaliers U9
Ruddington Colts U9

Basford CFC Storm U8
Collingham F.C Cougars U8 N
Sports Gateway Yellow U8
Cotgrave F.C Blue U8
Hucknall Sports Red U8
Ilkeston Town Milan U8
Newark Brazil Corinthians U8 N
WBYFC Knights Black U8

ATFA Brinsley Bull Dogs U7
Gotham Rangers U7
Meden Vale Colts U7
WBYFC Ash Stripes U7
WBYFC Ash Stripes U7

18th September 2022

No Match return completed 

Carlton Town Lions U14
Sandiacre Town U14

Burton Joyce Green U13
Eastwood CFC Gold U13
Moorgreen Colts Blue U13
Sandiacre Town Rebels U13
West Hallam Bullets U13
Wollaton & Bramcote Warriors U13

Carlton Town Wolves U11

DLFC Black U10
DLFC Grey U10
Gonerby FC Yellow U10
Mansfield Hosiery Mills U10
Sandiacre Town Sharks U10

Basford CFC Admirals U9
Bilborough Town U9
Burton Joyce Green U9
DLFC Black U9
Ernehale Colts Black U9
Holy Spirit Celtic Tigers U9
Ilkeston Town Roma U9
Nottingham F.C Black U9
Pegasus F.C U9
Quarrydale United U9
Shirebrook Rangers U9
Stapleford Town Saxons U9
WBYFC Express U9
WBYFC Quicksilver U9
West Hallam Knights U9
Willow Wanderers Spartans U9
Woodhouse Colts Blue U9
Woodhouse Colts Yellow U9

DLFC Black U8
DLFC Purple U8
DLFC Yellow U8
East Leake Bantams Orange U8
Gedling F.C Lions U8
Gedling F.C Tigers U8
Long Eaton Silver U8
Pass Move Grin Derby U8
Rainworth Juniors F.C. U8
Ruddington Colts Yellow U8
Silva FC Rushcliffe Gold U8
Silva FC Rushcliffe Red U8
Tibshelf Tigers Typhoons U8
Tibshelf Tigers whites U8
Toton Tornados Red U8
WBYFC Pride 1 U8
WBYFC Pride 2 U8
WBYFC Pride 3 U8

Mapperley All Stars Stripes U7
Aspire F.C.U7
Cotgrave F.C.Claret U7
Cotgrave F.C.Claret U7
Keyworth United Black U7
Mapperley All Stars Stripes U7
Quarrydale United U7
Quarrydale United U7
Sherwood F.C.Blue U7
Sherwood F.C.Blue U7
Silva FC Rushcliffe U7
Silva FC Rushcliffe U7
Tibshelf U7
Tibshelf U7
WBYFC Yew Black U7
WBYFC Yew Black U7
West Hallam Allstars U7
West Hallam Roses U7

Match return partially completed – Player Statistics missing  

Shirebrook Rangers U13

Hucknall Sports Black U12
Quarrydale United U12
Radford F.C Youth U12
Ripley Town U12

East Leake Bantams Black U11
Ilkeston Town U11

Pegasus F.C U10
Sherwood F.C Blue U10

Basford CFC Lions U9
Carlton Town Blue U9
WBYFC Cosmos U9

Shirebrook Rangers Blue U8
Shirebrook Rangers U8
WBYFC Reign 1 U8
WBYFC Reign 2 U8

Keyworth United White U7
WBYFC Maple Black U7
WBYFC Maple Red U7
West Hallam Allstars U7


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