YEL Update 31/07/20

This update is specifically for club officials – Secretaries, Treasurers, Chair persons, CWOs and covers


Player Registrations

COVID-19 risk assessments/Coordinators

League Fees




7.000 and counting! Thank you to all of those club secretaries/player registration volunteers who have been uploading players into Whole Game System. We are now approaching half of the expected 16,000 players this season. We fully understand the difficulties in clubs/teams getting the usual minimum number of players by 31st July deadline for obvious reasons. We have extended the deadline for teams to have the minimum number of players registered to August 16th. However, by this date, we do need each team to have at least half a match day squad (ideally at least 6 players) registered as we need to be confident of the viability teams. Regrettably, we may have to consider the future participation of any team that does not have this minimum number of players by this date. If you have players ready to be registered now, please do not wait until you have the full squad ready to upload; get them in the system straight away.




This is another pressing item which needs urgent attention so we can all return safely to playing football at the beginning of September. It is vital that we all pull together and create a similar standard of protection. If one club doesn’t do it, they will not only endanger their own members but also anyone else that plays against them which we can’t have. The FA guidance clearly states that risk assessments should be in place prior to friendlies/competitive fixtures taking place. WE are aware that some smaller clubs may be struggling with this process. We have had a number of clubs who have already completed this job and they have very generously offered to assist/share their knowledge. If you need help, message the YEL office via Scoreline – ‘Contact YEL Office’ menu item – and we will put you in touch with the clubs who have offered their assistance.

Can those clubs who have not updated Scoreline with their COVID-19 coordinator, please do so. Any club official can do this: Log into Scoreline using usual username & Password – Click clubs/teams/contacts – Click ‘my club’ tab – Click blue club button – Click edit tab – Scroll down to COVID-19 coordinator and start to type the first few letters of either name or email address

Provided they are already registered as a user on Scoreline (CWOs certainly should be) their name will appear in the dropdown box – Select it and ‘save’




We previously notified everyone that league fees were not due until 1st August at the earliest. We now have a definite date set for league fees to be paid by 16th August. Can all treasurers please make a note of this date. Any club that is struggling financially to meet this financial deadline should message the CEO via Scoreline messages – select CEO from the dropdown box – giving details.


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