YEL Update 19/08/22

This Update has FIVE important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

Sign in to FA Full-Time & YEL Scoreline
Ten Day rule – full-time being switched off
FINES – Match returns, Reporting scores by SMS text, ID checks, ineligible players
Player Reg – Serena away
Transfers – 7 day notice

Sign in to FA Full-Time & YEL Scoreline

We use TWO systems to communicate with teams – FA Full-Time for match details AND YEL Scoreline for any other information which requires sending out. Sadly, The FA systems will not allow us to share data therefore…

ALL managers and team contacts MUST log into FA Full-Time prior to the start of the season to ensure your email address is correct.

ALL managers and team contacts MUST log into YEL Scoreline which will verify your email address.

Logging into both systems is a League requirement which must be done in order for teams to play in the YEL. Matches are likely to be postponed until it has been completed.

FULL-TIME – By now you should have had an automated verification email from The FA to allow you to log in – check junk & spam. If you haven’t please email and the YEL Office will arrange a new one to be sent.

SCORELINE – When you were registered by your club as your team contact listed on Scoreline you should have received an email with a password created. If you haven’t or can’t access Scoreline, please email and the YEL Office will arrange a new one to be sent.

Ten Day Rule – Full-Time being switched off

Reminder: Up to 10 days prior to the scheduled game – Home teams can change KO times within the guidelines set out in the rules. You simply need to email the YEL Office to action it. Inside 10 days, you need to agree any changes with the opposition and any appointed referee then email the YEL Office to action it. Inside 10 days, emails will only be actioned if you confirm that this has been agreed with the opposition and any appointed referee. If either don’t agree, you will need to find an alternative venue to kick off at the time set on Full-Time.

It’s really important that everyone works 10 days in advance as home teams have control until this point.

From August 23rd teams will no longer be able to make amendments on Full-Time. The system is being locked to prevent this and only league admins will be able to amend the KO time/venue after this date.

FINES – Match returns, Reporting scores via SMS text, ID checks, Ineligible players

WE DO NOT WANT TO FINE TEAMS/CLUBS! The league now has 1300 teams, so it is essential that everyone complies with the league rules and regulations. Please ensure you familiarise yourselves with these –

The most common fines (all easily avoided!) are:

  • Not completing match returns on Full-Time
  • Not reporting the score via SMS text
  • Not doing Player ID checks before the game
  • Playing ineligible players

We do not make the rules, we only apply them on behalf of the member clubs as voted in at the AGM.

Player Registrations – Serena away

Player registrations appears to be virtually complete. Serena (YEL Player Registrations) is taking annual leave from today so only basic player registration and transfer approval will be carried out by the YEL over the next 14 days. If you have specific player registration issues relating to the Whole Game System, these should be forwarded to your County FA to deal with as they will not be answered by the YEL until after the season has started.

Transfers – 7 Day notice

Reminder: Before signing a new player, you must check with the player/parent whether they are signed up to another club or if they have played for another team previously. If they are registered with another club, you need to do a 7 day notice of approach. 99% of clubs will waive it but this is not just common courtesy, it is an FA Rule and has sanctions if not followed and is reported.

There’s been a few instances of this recently and the CFA have asked us to remind everyone of the FA rules –

C2.1.2 during the current season any Club wishing to approach a Player known to be registered with or having played for any other Club must give to the secretary of each such Club, seven days’ formal written notice of the intention to approach the Player;

Formal written notice of approach need be given by:

(a) a Saturday Club only to all Saturday Clubs;

(b) a Sunday Club only to all Sunday Clubs; and

(c) a midweek Club only to all midweek Clubs;

C2.1.3 the written notice must be sent by special delivery or recorded post, or a written acknowledgement otherwise obtained from the secretary or chairman of the Club approached. Facsimile or e-mail transmission may be used provided a receipt of acknowledgement is also obtained;

C2.1.4 following the date of posting of the written notice of approach, or receipt of an acknowledgement:

(a) the Player may be registered on or after the eighth day; and

(b) the Player must have been registered on or before the 21st day;

C2.1.5 the approaching Club: (a) may not approach the same Player a second time in the same playing season; (b) may approach only one (1) Player at a Club at any time subject to Rule C2.1.9 below; and (c) may not approach another Player at the same Club within 28 days of an earlier notice of approach or acknowledgement;

C2.1.6 if an approach is made by a Player to another Club during the current season, that Club shall give the Club(s), for which the Player is known to be registered or has played, seven days’ notice of approach as set out in Rule C2.1.1 to C2.1.5 above before registering the Player;

C2.1.7 a Club which is the subject of a complaint alleging failure to give notice in accordance with this Rule may be subject to a charge of Misconduct pursuant to Rule E1.2;

C2.1.8 a Club proved to have breached the provisions of this Rule may have its current registration of the Player cancelled and be subject to such other penalty as The Association or appropriate Affiliated Association deems appropriate, in accordance with relevant regulations of The Association from time to time in force; and

C2.1.9 during the current season a maximum of two Players may be approached in the manner described above if invited to trial at a licensed academy or “Centre of Excellence” of The Association, the Premier League or the EFL.

Contacting the YEL

If you email the YEL OFFICE – – please ensure you state the team name, age group and playing day so we can quickly deal with the enquiry

Rob Harwood CEO

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