YEL Update – 15th September 2023

This Update has FIVE important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

Steve Jackson – Radcliffe Olympic U11 Reds & U14 Girls
Diary dates
Team sheets & ID checks
Invoices on Scoreline
Do’s and Don’ts at YEL games
YEL Game Day Hotline

Steve Jackson – Radcliffe Olympic U11 Reds & U14 Girls

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Steve Jackson from Radcliffe Olympic who has lost his brave fight against pancreatic cancer. I’m sure many managers at this age group will have known him and will join with the league in passing on our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to his family, friends and everyone at Radcliffe Olympic.

Diary dates

Please make a note of the following dates in your diaries

Sunday Feb 3rd Winter season – Sat teams
Sunday Feb 24th Winter season – Sun teams & U14 sat
Saturday Jun 8th Spring season – Sat teams
Sunday Jun 9th Spring season – Sun teams & U14 sat

Saturday/Sunday May 11th & 12th – 7v7
Saturday/Sunday May 18th & 19th – 9v9 and 11v11

Team sheets & ID checks

As we are in the early days of September we appreciate people are getting used to the return to football. In light of this we have been very lenient and not issued any fines for not completing ID checks or giving team sheets to the official referees.

Team sheets have to be given to the referee before the start of the game IF there is an officially appointed YEL referee.

Our referees are required to complete reports on every YEL game they officiate so we will know if teams have failed to do ID checks/provide team sheets. This is a League Rule/Regulation, voted in at the AGM. There is no excuse for this as the need for ID checks and team sheets has been heavily advertised in the weeks leading up to the season start date.

Our role, as league administrators, is to apply the rules as approved. Please be aware that fines for not adhering to the League Rules/Regulations will start to be issued shortly. Those teams that have not been doing this will know who they are. Please do not be surprised if your Treasurer/Club secretary makes contact having received a fine asking the question why the rules are not being followed.

EXPLANATION OF HOW AN ID CHECK IS DONE – At the game, you should have your printed ID sheet of players/photos downloaded from Whole Game System. Before the match, go to your opposition manager and exchange sheets. Call in the players from both teams. Call out the names of the opposition players on the sheet in front of you whilst the opposition manger does the same for your players. Exchange sheets back. If any players are not on the list THEY CANNOT PLAY as the are not league registered. This applies to YEL organised friendlies, league matches and cup games. Any issues, call the YEL Hotline – number at the bottom of the Update

Invoices on Scoreline

CLUB OFFICIALS – Following the recent upgrade to Scoreline a few things have been moved around to improve the user experience as well as speeding up the system.


The changes have meant that the old dashboard and separate finance button have gone. Instead, all of your day to day information can be found under ‘My Club.’ Click ‘My Club.’ When your club card appears, click the blue club button. All of your day to day information will come up. Scroll down to find your invoices. If you have any issues with logging in (upgrade requires everyone to have a new password), DO NOT CLICK FORGOTTEN PASSWORD. Follow these instructions –

1. Visit & enter your email address or username. This must match your email/username exactly & NOT include any spaces.

2. Once this is entered and button clicked to confirm, you will get an automated email with a reset link.

3. Click on the link in the email and enter your new password.

Please allow max 30 MINS for your email to arrive. Check your junk/spam folders. If no email is received after 30 minutes, please contact to request a manual password reset.

Dos and Don’ts at YEL Games

MESSAGE FROM THE LEAGUE TO COACHES – it is your responsibility to manage the match day environment regarding player enjoyment. You have all signed up to The FA Code of Conduct.
DO NOT question referee’s decisions; DO NOT let your players argue with opponents or question referees decisions; DO NOT argue with opposition coaches in front of the children; DO NOT allow your parents to criticise other adults, the referee or opposition coaches/players. DO enjoy the game. If there is anything that makes you, your parents or your players feel uncomfortable, report it to you Club Welfare Officer or Secretary and get them to raise a Respect case on Scoreline.

MESSAGE FROM THE LEAGUE TO PARENTS (Please pass on in your team group media)DO NOT criticise or argue with the opposition players, parents or team officials; DO NOT criticise referee decisions; DO enjoy watching your son/daughter play football. It’s their game, not yours!

Finally, parents/supporters – Your are there to SUPPORT & ENCOURAGE the players. NOT TO INSTRUCT & COACH – that is the job of the coaches and mixed messages from both sides of the pitch simply confuses the players.

YEL Game Day hotline  

If you have any issues or on the day queries relating to your game only, you can contact the YEL Game Day Hotline number for advice.

07510 305354

Available between 9.30am and 12.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ON THE DAY MATCH RELATED ENQUIRIES – no other issues will be discussed.

Contacting the YEL

If you email the YEL OFFICE – – please ensure you state the team name, age group and playing day so we can quickly deal with the enquiry

Rob Harwood CEO

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