YEL Update – 10th May 2024

This Update has FIVE important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

Updating your teams for 2024-25 season – re-registering and removal
Cup Finals – ID checks, team sheets, cup tied players & no extra time
Outstanding Invoices settled by 31st May
Ready to add a new team for 2024-25 season? You can add them now
Team names for 2024-25 season
YEL Game Day Hotline

Updating your teams for the 2024-25 season – Reregistering and removal

Thanks to all the clubs who have already updated their teams for next season – 35% of the Saturday and Sunday teams! For everyone else, Scoreline is now open to allow CLUB OFFICIALS to update your teams for the 2024-25 season. This is an ongoing process and will be available until May 31st. This does not need to be completed immediately. As and when you know a team/s is continuing/not continuing simply follow the instructions below. Only update your teams when you are certain about what they are doing next season.

The process in the YEL is very simple and set out below.

All teams names/age groups are current 2023/24 age groups. These automatically age by one year at midnight May 31st/June 1st in readiness for the new 2024/25 season eg YEL Utd U12 Blue will become YEL Utd U13 Blue.

All team headers have been changed to blue. These will indicate the teams where no action has been taken yet by the club. Once you have decided on whether a team is continuing or not, follow these instructions. If the team is continuing – you tick ‘confirm.’ If a team is not continuing – you click ‘remove.’ Once you click ‘save’ the header in the main ‘Teams’ page will change to green for the ‘confirmed and continuing’ and red for those ‘not continuing’. Only teams that are ‘confirmed’ will roll through/age at midnight on May 31st/June 1st. All others will be removed from the league and any teams wishing to continue after the roll through will need to reapply. No invoices will be raised until June 1st when we know which teams are continuing. Current U14 teams will need to be ticked as ‘remove’ as they will have come to the end of their YEL experience.

ONLY available to Club Secs/club officials with appropriate permissions to make changes on Scoreline.

  1. Login to YEL Scoreline at
  2. Click on “My Clubs” from the left hand main menu

  1. This will open your club card (example used is Bingham Town FC). Click on the blue button ‘club’ which will then open your club dashboard

  1. Scroll down to the “Confirm club teams” section and click whether your team is continuing or removing (not continuing) – in the example below Bingham Black U13 are continuing next season; Bingham Blue U10 are not continuing

Once you have done this, click ‘save.’ If you are not sure about a particular team, you can leave it and come back to it at a later time provided it is done by midnight 31st May.

When all of your teams are either ‘confirm’ or ‘remove’ click the button at the top of the page to confirm that your club has completed the process. Do not do this please until ALL are confirmed/removed.

Any issues, email YEL OFFICE –

Cup Finals – ID checks, team sheets, cup tied players & no extra time

Cup tied players – Any player who has played in a previous round for another team in the same age group and playing day cannot play for another team in the same age group cup competition as they will be cup tied and therefore ineligible. Any team found to have played an ineligible player will be removed from the competition. Please check and make sure you do not fall foul of this rule.
Extra Time & Penalties – If the scores in the cup finals are level at the end or normal time, THERE WILL BE NO EXTRA TIME. The game will go straight to penalties. Check YEL Cup Competition Rules for details –
Cup Rules & ID Checks – Please ensure you have read and understand the cup rules inc ID checks and providing team sheets to the refs – -under rules and regulations.

You must have with you a printed A4 ID sheet to give to the YEL representative who will carry out the ID checks 15 minutes before your game starts. You will also need a separate team sheet listing your starters and subs.

Finally, Good Luck to all those teams taking part in the finals over the next two weekend. Remember – this is the players’ day. Be respectful to your opposition and, most importantly, the referee who may make decisions you don’t agree with. It’s their decision so please accept it and get on with the game. Please make sure your parents are aware of this.

Outstanding invoices settled by 31st May

CLUB SECRETARIES: Please pass this message on to your treasurers.

As per YEL requirement, all outstanding 2023/24 season invoices must be cleared by 31st May in order for teams to be readmitted into the league for the new season.

Ready to add a new team for 2024-25 season? You can add them now

Existing member clubs (CLUB OFFICIALS ONLY) can start adding new teams in readiness for the 2024-25 season. Log into Scoreline. Click ‘My clubs’ in the left hand menu. Click the blue ‘club’ button on your club card (may be slow at busy times). Scroll to the bottom of ‘club teams’ and click ‘add team.’ Fill in all of the sections. This is only for NEW teams (existing teams – see above) MAKE SURE YOU SELECT SEASON 24/25 & SELECT THE AGE GROUP THE TEAM WILL BE NEXT SEASON. When complete, click the green ‘save’ button at the bottom.

Team names for 2024-25 season

If you enter two or more teams at the same age group playing on the same day, it is essential that both teams have a distinguishing name/colour after them. We cannot accept just a club name for one team and a colour/name for another.

Eg YEL United FC U12 and YEL United FC U12 Red – no longer acceptable.

Examples of what are acceptable YEL Utd U12 Blue & YEL Utd U12 Red or YEL United U12 Warriors & YEL United U12 Trojans

YEL Game Day hotline  

If you have any issues or on the day queries relating to your game only, you can contact the YEL Game Day Hotline number for advice.

07510 305354

Available between 9.30am and 12.30pm on Sat/Sun

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ON THE DAY MATCH RELATED ENQUIRIES – no other issues will be discussed.

Contacting the YEL

If you email the YEL OFFICE – – please ensure you state the team name, age group and playing day so we can quickly deal with the enquiry

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