YEL Update 08/07/22

This Update has SIX important messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

Deadline for team applications – 24th July
More than four players in/out? Has the level of your team changed significantly?
Min number of players 24th July & maximum squad sizes
Club affiliation completion deadline
Thursday 14th July – TWO MEETINGS – ONE NIGHT! Meeting for Club Officials and New Managers
Min facility requirements for a YEL organised game

Deadline for team applications – 24th July

New team applications – U9-U14The deadline for guaranteed inclusion into the 2022/23 season has now passed. We will continue to consider apps up to 24th July –teams will now only be accepted if there is space in divisions and the standards are correct for those spaces. Acceptance is subject to club affiliation being completed by 24th July. Please get any final team apps in ASAP. Work on finalising divisions will occur up until the end of July. No further U9-U14 apps considered after 24th July.

U7/U8 – apps will be taken up to 24th July for guaranteed Sept start subject to club affiliation being completed by 24th July. Apps will still be accepted up until the end of Dec 2022 with entry at various points during this period.

More than four players in/out? Has the level of your team changed significantly?

IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR U12-U14 TEAM MANAGERS. If your team has had a significant number of players leave/join (4 or more) which has strengthened/weakened your team since the end of the 21/22 season, please email the YEL Office with details so we can ensure that we place you in the correct ability based division.

Club affiliation completion deadline

Whilst many clubs are already well advanced in completing their affiliation, there are still some who are listed on FA systems as ‘Not yet started.’ All YEL member clubs must have their affiliation completed by 24th July in order for their teams to be able to continue their progress towards the start of the season. Any clubs that have not completed are likely to have their acceptance into the league withdrawn and their teams removed from the league. Please ensure everyone, including your County FA, is aware of this. This is a non negotiable deadline. Please do not ask for extensions as they will not be granted.

Minimum number of players – maximum squad size

Every YEL team needs to have the minimum number of players registered on Whole Game System (WGS) by midnight July 24th.
U7/U8 – 5 players
U9/U10 – 7 players
U11/U12 – 9 players
U13/U14 – 11 players

As per YEL Rules/Regulations voted in by the member clubs, the MAXIMUM number of players that can be registered for each squad is as follows:
U7/U8 – 10 players*
U9/U10 – 14 players
U11/U12 – 18 players
U13/U14 – 22 players

* U7&U8 players are grouped together at each age group to allow ability based movement of players without transfers being required. As an example, all U7s players should be registered for all U7s squads at your club. You will comply with the rule above provided that the total number of players divided by the number of teams is less than 10. Eg 19 players with two teams is fine. 21 players with two teams is too many and the squad should be reduced or an additional team entered. This rule only applied to the U7 & U8 age groups.

Please adhere to these rules BEFORE you agree to sign players on as it will be enforced and will only lead to potential disappointment and frustration if not followed.

Please ensure you get your players updated/registered on the system ASAP. Please don’t leave it until the last minute as the system has a nasty habit of becoming overloaded. There are over 500,000 players across the country that need to be in the system by the start of the season so make sure you have all the player information and photographs ready for uploading. If you are a new secretary or need a refresher on what you are doing, The FA have produced the following overview of the system. Copy and paste the links into your browser or hold ctrl and click the link

If you need further assistance, please contact your local County FA directly who will be pleased to help.

Thursday 14th July – TWO MEETINGS – ONE NIGHT! Meeting for Club Officials and New Managers

7pm – Pre season meeting for all club officials particularly secretaries, treasurers and welfare officers. This is not a mandatory meeting although we would encourage everyone to attend as we give you an averview of the season and update you on the important messages for the new season.
8pm – A must for all new managers (and existing managers that want a refresher) as we explain how the league runs and what you need to do to ensure that your team administration runs smoothly as a member of the YEL. Most importantly we will give you important advice on how to avoid fines!

Details on both meetings including links to join have been sent out to club secretaries and team contacts listed on Scoreline. If you haven’t received an email with the link and wish to attend, please email the YEL Office –

Minimum facility requirements for a YEL organised game

REMINDER TO ALL CLUBS & TEAMS – There are minimum requirements for a pitch to be deemed suitable for playing a YEL organised fixture. Whilst it is recommended that there are changing facilities available, the MINIMUM requirement is that there are toilet facilities onsite and open on matchday. It is not acceptable in the 21st Century for players/spectators to be expected to ‘use the bushes.’

This is a YEL Rule/regulation and will be enforced. Any team found to be using a pitch which does not meet the minimum facility requirement will be referred to the YEL Discipline who will decide on the appropriate action.



Rob Harwood CEO

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