YEL Update – 01/04/22

This Update has FIVE messages this week which we would ask you to please read.

CLUB OFFICIALS – Reapplication process for 2022/23 season opens April 1st – closes May 31st
Advertising opportunity for upcoming YEL Awards
Phasing out cheque payments – YEL only accepting online payments from 1st June
Management of the match day environment – Respect for referees
Respect record will roll through into 2022/23 season

CLUB OFFICIALS – Reapplication process for 2022/23 season opens April 1st – closes May 31st

As this season starts to draw to a close, it is now time, once again, to confirm whether or not your current teams will be continuing next year. The process in the YEL is very simple. A detailed explanation on how to do it is explained below. All teams names/age groups are current 2021/22 age groups. These automatically age by one year at midnight May 31st/June 1st in readiness for the new 2022/23 season eg XYZ City U12 Blue will become XYZ U13 Blue. You will notice that all team headers in the teams section on Scoreline have been changed to blue. These are teams where no action has been taken yet by the club. Once you have decided on whether a team is continuing or not, follow the instructions below. If the team is continuing – you tick ‘confirm.’ If a team is not continuing – you click ‘remove.’ Once you click ‘save’ the header will change to green for the confirmed and red for the not continuing. Only teams that are ‘confirmed’ will roll through at midnight on May 31st. All others will be removed from the league and any teams wishing to continue who have not completed the process will need to reapply. No invoices will be raised until June 1st when we know which teams are continuing. Current U14 will be automatically removed as they will had come to the end of their YEL experience.

This process is ONLY available to Club Secretaries and club officials with appropriate permissions to make changes to their clubs on Scoreline.

  1. Login to YEL Scoreline at
  2. Click on “Clubs/Teams/Contacts” from the left hand main menu

All Teams are displayed on this screen and the top border highlights the intended action for this team for the new season:

  • Blue – Not yet decided
  • Green – Renewing for season
  • Red – Removing for season
  1. Click on “Clubs” from the tab menu at the top.

  1. Search for your club and select it by clicking on the name or the arrow to the bottom right of the card.
  2. Scroll down the page to the “Team Actions” section:

From here you can choose “Confirm” or “Remove” for each team. You can also take action on multiple teams by clicking the checkbox to the right of the team and choosing the relevant action from the “Action” dropdown menu above the teams.

Advertising opportunity for the upcoming YEL Awards

ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITY – We will be at The Royal Concert Hall with our prestigious Winter & Spring League YEL Awards on May 14 and June 11 & 12. We are looking for advertisers who would like to support the league and promote their company name to around 20,000 people across the three days. Would your company like a logo space on the repeater board which will be the backdrop to the team photos? There will also be mentions during each of the hourly Awards ceremonies along with images of the repeater board on the main screen. A one off £250 secures a logo space at all three events. Email to book your space no later than 5pm Wednesday April 6th.

Phasing out cheque payments – YEL only accepting payments from 1st June 2022

As part of our ongoing commitment to streamlining our administration, we will no longer be accepting cheque payments from June 1st 2022. We apologise to the few clubs who are still using cheques however it has become necessary to move to online payments only due to a number of factors including the closing of local branches by high street banks and the extra time taken for our bookkeeper to make arrangements to complete the banking process. Online payments will mean that were are able to update Scoreline on a weekly basis which I’m sure will be good news for the vast majority of YEL club treasurers. Hopefully the date of June 1st will give those clubs still using cheques the time to make alternative arrangements and move to online banking.

Management of the match day environment and respect for referees

As we reach the end of the YEL season there are some very close divisions and just a couple of games left. These can get very competitive. This is just a timely reminder to managers.

Managers are reminded that they have a responsibility to manage the match day environment and manage themselves, their parents and their players at a game.

Unacceptable adult behaviour from coaches/parents including criticism of referees, verbally encouraging players to be overly physical, aggressive actions/comments towards opposition coaches, parents and players is totally unacceptable and will filter through to the players as they will believe this is part of football. IT IS NOT.

Adults are role models and regardless of whether they believe a referee is good, bad or indifferent or whether they feel they are being hard done to on decisions, they need to control their emotions and comments to ensure that games are played in the right atmosphere. This is children’s football NOT The Premier League. Equally players who are showing frustration or are becoming overly aggressive in challenges, need to be brought off for a cooling down period and a discussion around behaviour and what is and isn’t acceptable.

If you are unhappy about a referee’s performance and feel you wish to report it to the league, please do so as there may be an opportunity for us to provide support in their development. Remember 81% of our referees are children who are still learning – just like the players. Under no circumstances criticise the referee or disagree with their decisions as your actions will directly impact on the players and their highly impressionable minds. If our game is going to thrive with players developing in the right way, we all need to play our part.

Respect record will roll through into 2022/23 season

In an effort to underline our commitment to grassroots football, it has been decided that the YEL Respect status of all teams at the end of the current 2021/22 season will roll through into the new 2022/23 season. As a reminder, all teams started this season on green. A respect issue updates their status to amber. A further respect issue will raise their status to red. A case of referee abuse which is referred to the County FA will automatically put a team on red. Any further infringement however small is likely to see the team move to black which will result in the calling of a Special General Meeting for the other members of the league to decide what their future involvement in the league will look like. Once a team reaches red, this will trigger a joint intervention by the league and the County FA to give advice on how to avoid moving to black. All parents need to be aware of this process along with managers and players and make everyone aware of the consequences of their actions.

The current Respect status of your team/s can be found by logging into Scoreline. We will be writing to all teams who have reached red, and there are a number, to make sure this message is underlined.


Game Day Hotline
If you have any match day queries when at your game – Saturday or Sunday – and need advice, contact the YEL Game Day Hotline. It is monitored by YEL staff and is available between 9.30am and 12.30pm for match day queries only.

07510 305354

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