The YEL season will run until not later than 31 May 2021

Saturday dates listed below but also applies to Sunday

These dates are of course based on the assumption of no further issues and Boris plan is accurate.


U11 to U14

Friendly match 3 April, this is optional, if wish to cancel email YEL Office after the match has been placed on full time

Winter Season – main weekend 17 April to complete, plus a few week 2 matches

Matches are VOID that don’t affect Top 2 finish

Winter Presentation – a small number of teams have already won a Division, but the majority of Divisions have not been completed…we are looking at the options of a small Presentation event 22/23 May…Teams are not allowed to meet until 29 March, so we will contact teams before then with an update of plans.

New Spring leagues set based on current Winter Divisions


6 team SPRING Divisions

We surveyed u13 & u14 Sat managers by TEXT and 42 % responded they prefer 6 to 8 team Divisions…a high enough number to think its unfair to give teams too many matches. Any teams that want more than 5 Spring matches (remember some teams also have 2 winter matches) then welcome to sort Friendly on spare dates

SPRING Division Dates are 10 Apr, 24 Apr, 8 May & 15 May …17 April if not affected by winter league, if they are match moved to 1 May.

Spring season to finish by 22 May latest

Not later than 29 May – Play Off matches if level for 1st or 2nd place (match played at original away teams venue)


Under 9 & Under 10

Friendly match 3 April, this is optional, if wish to cancel email YEL Office

New Spring leagues set based on current Winter results


6 team SPRING Divisions

SPRING Division Dates are 10 Apr, 17 Apr, 24 Apr, 8 May & 15 May

April cancellations new date 1 May…May cancellations new date midweek (Tues for Sat teams, Thur for Sun teams) Both teams can mutually agree to move a match to midweek

22 May will be used for league matches too far to travel midweek or for Play Off matches

A decision will be made in April with regards the postponed xmas 2020 festival..if it does not take place then refunds or credits will be available.


ALL AGE GROUPS (u9 to u14)

Teams can mutually agree to move a match to midweek, provided mi 10 days notice given

if a team cancel a home weekend fixture, YEL reserve the right to switch that match to an away midweek match, if a weekend date is not available.

Divisions will finish by the dates above, if teams have not played matches then they will be VOID. YEL will then decide if to award Championships per Division (this would only be on the basis of teams having completed fixtures or have enough points to have secured the title)

Any teams who are unable to provide a pitch on selected dates, firstly ask the opposition to switch the fixture. If no venue available the YEL will provide a pitch (at cost) provided 10 days notice is given.

Teams are still entitled to ONE cancellation up to 30 April with points NOT being awarded (provide YEL, the opposition & Ref are notified before the day of the match) Fines will still be applied.

Under League rules any match postponed in May would be classed as on the day an match awarded, if you have any problems with a May Fixture we suggest you get it sorted with the opposition asap.



ALL YEL Cup competitions are cancelled, simply not enough weekends available and would be too disruptive to the League season. The Cup fixtures currently showing has cancelled on full time will be deleted in the next few days.


Under 7s & Under 8s

All teams have 3 fixtures currently scheduled on Full Time for 3, 10 17 April

We are awaiting full FA guidance and will then look at the possibilities of optional small Festivals for all teams from 24 April to 15 May

Further Friendly matches will be arranged by the end of March to cover weekend dates up to 22 May


Season Finale U7s to u10s

One Day Competitions over the May Whitsun Bank Holiday 29 30 31 May at just £10 per team

These will be played at various venues taking Covid rules into account and we hope to give NEW REFEREES an opportunity to gain experience. Teams will be invited to these events early April



We are aware the national FA have announced that leagues can extend to the end of June, we believe this is a crazy decision!!

I am reading on social media that some teams around the country have 15 games still to play, in Leagues that still provide the old fashioned play each other twice format !! Surely everyone expected some disruption this season ?

The YEL will probably be the only league in the Country to potentially complete a Winter & Spring season. We have set the size of our Spring Divisions based on the number of weeks available and also consulted with some Managers to find out how many matches teams would like. We have a handful of midweek matches caused by the winter league completion, but we have set the Sat & Sun midweek on different weeks.

We set up 3 potential plans in January and have now chosen the one that is most appropriate for the number of fixture dates available.

Leagues suggesting teams play 15 games in 6 weeks is crazy but so is making June compulsory.

Some children want to do other sports, some Clubs don’t have pitches, most are reseeding pitches, players are looking to move teams, delays the planning of new season for leagues and clubs, clash with Club Festivals, would effect further Presentation plans…lots of reasons why an extension is not a good idea, however for those teams that wish to play in June please read below regards Summer league.



The YEL are supporting the FSM Summer League, which will be played at 6 FSM venues around the County (including Mansfield) and the Sports Gateway (Hucknall) League for 11 a side football.

These will be run by FSM and Sports Gateway, but I will personally sort the admin for the teams and set the fixtures. The YEL Office will not be involved as the staff will be busy preparing for the 2021/22 season.

We have a summer League available, for those teams that wish to be involved, for ALL YEL age groups and teams will play 5 matches in 7 weekends from 6 June to 17 July. The teams will decide which 5 dates they wish to play, so the 2 spare weekends can be used for other activities such as Club festivals. An email will be sent by me to all teams once the YEL spring Fixtures have been completed on full Time.


YEL SPRING Presentation Dates

At this stage its too early to confirm the Spring presentation dates, we need to wait and see what the national position is mid April before confirming dates and details.

We have provisionally reserved the Royal Concert Hall for Sunday 27 June and Saturday 10 July (both dates are after Boris proposed plan of everything open by 21 June) We are also looking at alternative plans of outdoor Presentations 10/11 July and or 17/18 July or a mixture of Concert Hall for those teams that want to go indoors and an outdoor option for the rest.

More details will be announced in due course



I am hoping to have ALL fixtures on Full Time over the next few days and this will include making adjustments for Winter fixtures at u11 to u14.

As always any issues please email stating Team Name, age and Spring Division.

It is now too late to move Divisions but it is possible to request Friendly matches only.


Yours in Sport


Kev Cooper

YEL Fixtures & Events

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