Brand new look but same familiar service

APRIL 1st 2020 – You may have noticed a brand new look to! The website has been professionally redesigned, alongside the logo, to give the league a fresh new look to take it forward for the next 50 years. The brief given to the designers was to maintain/update the unique identity of the YEL; a professional logo to sit comfortably alongside the Premier League and EFL; an age friendly logo and website relatable to 7 to 70 year olds. The Board of the YEL are delighted with the result; All boxes ticked!

Rob Harwood CEO commented, ‘As we move forward, professionalism is key to attracting a regional/national sponsor for the league – being the largest U7 to U14 youth league in the country should be a massive attraction for a major sponsor – however we have always had the professionalism in delivering the product but have never really looked the part. Now we have both.’

He added, ‘The rebranding is part of our long term strategy to grow the league further and offer additional regional hubs like our brand new YEL (Derby). Sponsorship will help us deliver these new hubs and allow us to keep league fees for members to an affordable level.’

Watch out for the logos below as they will all be appearing on the YEL social media sites, websites and in day to day contact you have with the YEL.








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